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Weekly Reading: Top Wii Games

I just did the 2nd edition of my apparently now yearly roundup of top Wii games for families at Hitched magazine. I interviewed Jeff Gerstmann, EIC at, again, and he had some great games to add to my list, and helped give me some more insight into the ones I hadn’t had a chance to try out myself. I did just recently get outdoor adventure, and I’ve been playing it quite a bit. It’s a great little workout. I even got my parents to try it, though they wouldn’t let me take a photo of them trying to maneuver a mine cart together.

Web on the Wii

Today we finally set up our Wii to connect to the internet — we weren’t able to in London for some reason — and of course we checked out France to Go to see how it would look on the new TV. Check it out:

We’re still working on getting settled into our new place, but thigs are coming along nicely. We have nearly everything we need, save for a couch/futon for Evan’s office and somewhere to put our DVDs, and we still need to hang our pictures on the walls. I think that’s what’ll really make it feel like home.