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Friday Photowalk With Ceres

Ceres, a good friend from college, is in town this week, and Friday afternoon, we had some time to hang out and go for a walk through the parks and to Horse Guards Parade, Parliament and Westminster Abbey. We took some fabulously campy, touristy photos, too. Yes, we were those people taking pictures with the Horse Guards. And Ceres garnered some hearty guffaws while taking a photo in a phone booth. I don’t know why the people were laughing so hard, though — the phone booths in Westminster are always full of tourists.

Cherry Blossoms at St James ParkHorse Guards Parade and St. James LakeHorse Guardphone boothParliament and Big Ben

Our Best Photo of Central Park

Saturday afternoon, Evan’s family and I walked through a good portion of central park since the weather was good. This was our best photo. Evan took it (with his old camera).

Central Park Reservoir

Extreme Weather in England

Rainy LondonRainy London

I hate talking about the weather as a rule, but right now, we’re experiencing a pretty dramatic storm. The photos are from our windows, taken at about 12:30 p.m.

Late last night, I woke up to an extremely noisy storm that seemed to be threatening to blow our windows in. There was lots of rain, howling wind and just general noisiness that alternately kept me up and made me have weird dreams.

Then, when I awoke this morning, the sun was out, shining brightly. I figured we were in the clear, but it turned out to be the eye of the storm — it’s back to rain and wind again now. And I just realized that our drafty window has let in some water.

Apparently London isn’t being hit as bad as coastal towns, but it still just makes me want to stay in. For more on the storm, check out the BBC.

Photo Walk: Regent Park

Today, Evan’s working all day, so I had time to explore on my own. I decided to go to Regent Park and had a lovely walk over there — I especially enjoyed Marleybone High Street with its cute shops, nice grocery stores (I finally found tofu!) and old churches nearby. The park itself was very pretty, with a winding lake, large and bustling sports fields and the zoo, which I just looked in on. I only had my cell phone to take photos, but they should give you a good idea of what the park is like, especially by the water. There are also row boats and pedal boats, which I believe are called pedalos here, that you can rent out. Oh, and I saw another ferret on a leash — this time with a sweater!

Regent ParkRegent ParkRegent ParkRegent ParkRegent ParkRegent Park

Sketchbook: Horse Guards Parade from St. James Lake

To make up for my terribly inaccurate drawing of Horse Guards Parade from St. James Lake, I went back on Tuesday and drew it for real. From my spot, I couldn’t see the whole thing, and it was partially obscured by trees. And I also had a lot of people walking in front of me and stopping to take pictures of various attractions and feed the birds (though none so dramatically as on my last trip to the park), which was a bit frustrating. I also think I need to buy a new pencil sharpener. Mine seems to have stopped working.

In any case, enough with the excuses. Here is the much more accurate drawing, though it could still use some work. And definitely the touch of a better-sharpened pencil. Oh, and it was cold when I was drawing, too.

Horse Guards Parade and St. James Lake

Run in St. James Park: Wildlife Edition

birdsOn Wednesday, I went running in St. James Park and Green Park again. To switch things up from Monday’s run, I tried running around the lake in a counterclockwise direction. Clockwise definitely has better views, though this proved to be a much more interesting people-watching and wildlife-viewing run. What did I run across?

  • I ran by a man who had two ferrets on leashes, which is always pretty funny and not something I’d really seen other than in Along Came Polly. One was albino. He was letting people pet them.
  • I saw a woman holding food out on her hand and letting pigeons perch on her while having a bite to eat. A little gross, in my opinion.
  • There was a man with a pigeon on his shoulder — on his shoulder! right next to his face! — and he was keeping it content with treats. A lot gross, in my opinion.
  • Another man was feeding squirrels, but not by tossing food at them. Not even by bending down and letting them eat out of his hand. No, he was letting them jump up his leg and eat while hanging on there. I saw one leap up. The guy didn’t even flinch.
  • St. James lake also seems to have quite a few one-legged birds, which were a bit sad. Though I think they have a pretty cushy life with lots of food being thrown their way.
  • And there were pelicans, which I’ve of course seen before, but are neat and big, and I didn’t see any when I went running on Monday, though there were signs saying not to feed them.

Do these sound like sketch ideas? Probably! Or maybe next time I’ll take a camera or at least my cell phone on my run, though I do like keeping things light. Time for a cell phone mp3 player? They’re selling iPhones here now…

Christmas Eve at the Fields’

Last night, we went over to our good friends the Fields’ for a Christmas eve dinner. Most of us, including the hosts, were Jewish, there was no turkey or ham served, and there was no eggnog. There was still lots of food and drink, some games which involved guessing how many cranberries or other items were in a container or in the house as well as guessing the height difference between the shortest and tallest guests — my mom was the shortest, not very surprisingly. I got mistaken for both of my sisters various times — even my mom said I looked a lot like Suzie yesterday. And we went on an after-dinner boat ride on the Duffy to look at the lights around Naples (no, not Italy, Naples Island in Long Beach, CA).

Christmas lights in Naples, Long Beach

Overall, a really fun night. Thanks, Fieldsies!

Sorry if this post is a bit disjointed. I’m still really jet-lagged, and I woke up at 5 a.m. I took the photo from the boat with my cell pone. Not the best quality, but you should get the idea.