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Free WiFi Woes

Now, I know there is free WiFi in London. Londonist has their lovely free WiFi map. And though the places can be few and far between in some areas, there are some places people always seem to be going for a free connection.

Well, first I tried Leon on Brompton and had no luck whatsoever finding a connection. Then I tried at the Coach & Horses on Friday — at a social media event — and had no luck, though everyone seemed to be having the issue for at least some of the time. And now, to top it off, today I went to 5th View on the 5th floor of Waterstone’s on Piccadilly, and had zero luck again. My friend James had some trouble getting online, but was eventually able to find the connection after a few minutes. I tried over and over and had no luck getting anything. I also tried a Vodaphone attachment, but my computer wouldn’t accept it.

Is it a problem with one of my settings? I could see the network and it said I had full signal strength. Or could it be a Mac-PC difference (James had a PC)? I would just really appreciate being able to use my computer away from the comfort of my apartment every once and a while, and 5th View would be the closest supposedly free place — if I can figure out how to connect.

At least I had some company today, and I got to learn about SpinVox and its voice-to-text software and voicemail-as-text message options as well as other mobile phone things. Seems to be my theme of the week. I feel like I should get a new phone and finally start using that mobile internet thing.