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A Valentine’s Day Date at Cookbook Cafe

Cookbook Cafe

Last night, Evan and I went out to Cookbook Cafe to learn to mix drinks, dance salsa and have a nice dinner. Unfortunately, the salsa portion of the evening had been canceled and nobody had told us or put up a message on their website, but they adjusted the price accordingly, and we enjoyed the rest of what the evening had to offer.

First, I’d been to the cafe at lunch and liked its chic but relaxed atmosphere, market table overflowing with food and friendly service. We got all of that last night, plus a little lesson on making a rose petal martini, which I wrote up for Londonist (“Lessons Learned: Making a Seductive Martini“). The restaurant was pretty empty, which was surprising since of course it was Valentine’s Day and they had a really fun-sounding offer with all the activities and dinner, though it was a bit pricey. I think they need to step up their marketing. They also need to follow through on what they do advertise, as I had the problem with the chocolate class earlier in the month, too.

Still, we had plenty to eat, with all the salads and simple appetizers on the market table, an “oyster cappuccino,” which Evan tried — it involved some sort of frothy oyster soup in a little cup. For the main course, Evan had lamb and I had mushroom ravioli, and for dessert we had chocolate fondue as well as other little cakes, cookies and fruit salad from another free-reign sort of table.

Our biggest regret: We should have made ourselves another martini with the mixology master, since that was fun, though over quite quickly. All in all, though, a very nice Valentine’s Day.

New Articles on and Hitched

Two more articles up this week: One on about new billing/payment trends, which ended up being much more interesting than it sounds. Well, at least the interviews were. I got to talk to people at four different alternative billing companies — Bill Me Later, eBillme, Revolution Money and BSG Clearing Solutions — and hear about the new ways they’re letting customers pay retailers. It was a great education in shopping carts and alternative credit systems that I never expected to get. I wish I could have written more about each of the companies. If you’re interested, check out “New Ways to Pay.”

The Hitched article is one Valentine’s Day — what happens when one partner is more into the holiday than the other. I interviewed NYC-based psychologist Diana Kirschner, and was helped out by a connection from the payment article — Bill Me Later had just done a survey on Valentine’s day spending and disputes. If you’re interested in this one, check out “Valentine’s Day Dispute.”