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Free WiFi Woes

Now, I know there is free WiFi in London. Londonist has their lovely free WiFi map. And though the places can be few and far between in some areas, there are some places people always seem to be going for a free connection.

Well, first I tried Leon on Brompton and had no luck whatsoever finding a connection. Then I tried at the Coach & Horses on Friday — at a social media event — and had no luck, though everyone seemed to be having the issue for at least some of the time. And now, to top it off, today I went to 5th View on the 5th floor of Waterstone’s on Piccadilly, and had zero luck again. My friend James had some trouble getting online, but was eventually able to find the connection after a few minutes. I tried over and over and had no luck getting anything. I also tried a Vodaphone attachment, but my computer wouldn’t accept it.

Is it a problem with one of my settings? I could see the network and it said I had full signal strength. Or could it be a Mac-PC difference (James had a PC)? I would just really appreciate being able to use my computer away from the comfort of my apartment every once and a while, and 5th View would be the closest supposedly free place — if I can figure out how to connect.

At least I had some company today, and I got to learn about SpinVox and its voice-to-text software and voicemail-as-text message options as well as other mobile phone things. Seems to be my theme of the week. I feel like I should get a new phone and finally start using that mobile internet thing.

Is That Ringing in My Ears?

I’ve been having a problem with what I’ve been calling “the beep.” Basically, it’s someone’s fax machine that has been calling the apartment over and over and over again. It started late last week. I must have received 30 calls in an hour or so — and I left the phone plugged in because I was trying to get the problem fixed with the doorman/building manager. It ended up with me unplugging the phone.

The next day, I plugged it in and had a bunch of beep messages and started receiving more calls. I unplugged again. We didn’t get any calls on the weekend, but come Monday morning at 9:08, it started again. It beeped Tuesday and Wednesday, too. Both times I unplugged, and plugged back in to get plenty of messages.

I felt like I was being tortured. I couldn’t make it stop. The building people couldn’t make it stop. BT couldn’t make it stop. And it just kept ringing. Oh, and this phone has a very loud, jarring ring, too. And the fax didn’t have a traceable number. I thought I may lose my mind.

Today I haven’t gotten any calls. Let’s hope this is over.

Update, Feb 1: The beep is back. Rang 5 times already. And Mario isn’t around to help. Not cool, fax machine.

Update, still Feb 1: Unplugged after at least 8 rings (I lots count, actually), but was asked to plug it back in so BT could potentially fix the problem. While they were supposedly fiddling, I got at least 6 more calls, and I had 7 on my voice mail. Mario has been super nice trying to get everything straightened out and it sounds like he’s really getting the runaround from all the people he’s been calling to stop these infernal calls. He even offered to let us switch apartments, though ours is a bit nicer than the alternative, so we’re staying put. The phone shall remain unplugged until they can change the number or figure something else out.

More Technical Problems

Just wanted to apologize for my blog and website’s inconsistencies over the past week. First I couldn’t update. Then everything went down for about a day, I believe. I don’t know exactly, since I wasn’t online all weekend and only got back this morning, when things were broken.

If you’re interested in the technical details, first my hosting company decided to upgrade their version of PHP which had some adverse affects, and then there was some error in the billing department that made it seem like I (or the third party I buy hosting from) hadn’t paid our bills.

Right now, things seem to be working fine, but let me know if you have any problems using the site. Sorry if you tried to read up o my adventures and got any scary error messages.

Now to write about my weekend in France!

New Posts, New Pictures

After 2+ days of being unable to post, the hosting issues are sorted out (apparently a PHP upgrade caused the problem — thanks, John, for helping me out with that).

I’ve finally been able to add the images I wanted to posts from the past week, which are all from my sketchbook. Check them out:

Now back to posting regularly. Well, except that I won’t be posting this weekend: France is going to France! (Sorry. Do you know how long I’ve waitd to say that?)

Lunchtime at Leon

Leon CafeToday, I went on a bit of a walk down to Leon by Harrods (which I have yet to go into). The place had some funky decor, mostly consisting of images of oranges and bulls, and it had customer response postcards with photos of Leon them and a mailbox by the door to drop them into, which I actually thought was a cute idea.

The cafe is known for simple, fresh fast food, though in my opinion it was a little too fast — I would have appreciated getting a salad that wasn’t premade, and though the juices are supposed to be fresh squeezed, when they’re already in cups and you can see the pulpy bits separating, they stop looking as appetizing.

I ordered the superfoods salad, which was devoid of lettuce, though otherwise incredibly green, with peas, avocado, cucumber and broccoli. It also had some feta cheese and a lemony dressing, which was nice and light. I felt healthier for having eaten it, though while eating in would have liked to eat off a plate and not out of a box.

LeonThe restaurant is supposed to have free WiFi, and I brought my computer along, but didn’t find out how to log on. I should have asked, though I decided to occupy my time with a bit of drawing. I do need to figure out where I can work with some free WiFi, though. It would be nice to get out a bit more while still feeling productive.

I’ll post my latest drawings as soon as I can get them photographed and uploaded. My camera is having a battery issue right now: It takes double-A’s, but my rechargeable batteries don’t seem to hold a charge anymore. I was able to take the photos, but my batteries didn’t last long enough to transfer the photos to my computer. Very frustrating. At least I took a photo on my cell phone so you can see what Leon looked like.

Update (1/18/08): The sketch is posted, though the photo didn’t turn out that great. The page didn’t lie flat, so that’s why the perspective is all weird.

Technical Problems Are No Fun

This is more a little rant about problems I had yesterday than what’s going on today, but I don’t know if anything has really been resolved, especially with my biggest issue: My keyboard keeps randomly freezing. The problem doesn’t seem to be tied to any specific program I’m running, and the more I research it, the more it seems to be an issue with Leopard, which I installed last week. I’m hoping for a fix soon because it’s really quite a pain to have the whole keyboard freeze up and not know when it’ll return. At least the touch pad still works when the keyboard is out.

I was also having some issues with Google Reader yesterday. I was trying to clean up some feeds I don’t need anymore, but it kept giving me errors midway through the cleanup process. I was so annoyed, I even downloaded a different feed reader, Sage, but found it lacked some of the GR functions I really like. So today it was back to GR and thankfully my cleanup worked. Back to business as usual, though even with my big cleanup I still have 1000+ unread items. Thank goodness for the “mark all as read” button.

And on top of all this, I also had some Twitter issues. I made a few posts that just never showed up. My internet was working just fine, so I don’t know what the problem was. Seems to be fine today, though.