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Weekly Reading: This Time Featuring a Monkey!

Well, it’s been another busy week, but I got to see a lot of people. The Tuesday night blogger meetup was nice, and today I went to the Social Media Cafe/Tuttle Club, where there was a nice, big group to chat with over croissants and coffee. I got to catch up with Mike, Darika, James, Rob, Melinda, Toby, Lloyd, LJ, Josh and Steve, and I met a few new people, including Roger, Justin, Terence and Laura.

The best part of the event was that there was a nice little discussion group afterwards hosted by James and James of Spinvox about the “future of voice.” We talked about the difference between voice and text, where voice recording, storing, transcribing and translating technologies are going, and the implications of having a record of all the things you’ve said.

They also started by having us do a funny little drawing activity, where we added on to shapes, which was supposedly a psychological test that revealed what we thought about ourselves, how other people viewed us, our career, religion, home and love life. Mine were pretty funny, though I don’t know how accurate they were. I apparently see myself as a dinosaur/dragon with a fat tail and spikes, but I think other people see me as a flower… hmm… leave your psychological interpretations below.

personality test drawing

And what have I been writing this week?

There were the usual entertainment and fashion posts for Sugarscape, though the site was experiencing some pretty serious technical problems that slowed posting considerably, so it’s possible not all my stories made it up.

I got back on the wagon with writing for Hitched with a post about “Going Green This Summer.” Big thanks to Jamie from for helping me put some ideas together, and thanks, Luke, for connecting us.

I also managed to do a few posts on Londonist — a nice little piece about “New Cancer Centre Offers Free Support,” and what you’ve been waiting for… “Stupidly Cute Monkey Born at London Zoo.” Check out the video of the endangered little critter below. Sort of so ugly it’s cute, and then ridiculously so because of its fuzzy little head and skinny little limbs.
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Free WiFi Woes

Now, I know there is free WiFi in London. Londonist has their lovely free WiFi map. And though the places can be few and far between in some areas, there are some places people always seem to be going for a free connection.

Well, first I tried Leon on Brompton and had no luck whatsoever finding a connection. Then I tried at the Coach & Horses on Friday — at a social media event — and had no luck, though everyone seemed to be having the issue for at least some of the time. And now, to top it off, today I went to 5th View on the 5th floor of Waterstone’s on Piccadilly, and had zero luck again. My friend James had some trouble getting online, but was eventually able to find the connection after a few minutes. I tried over and over and had no luck getting anything. I also tried a Vodaphone attachment, but my computer wouldn’t accept it.

Is it a problem with one of my settings? I could see the network and it said I had full signal strength. Or could it be a Mac-PC difference (James had a PC)? I would just really appreciate being able to use my computer away from the comfort of my apartment every once and a while, and 5th View would be the closest supposedly free place — if I can figure out how to connect.

At least I had some company today, and I got to learn about SpinVox and its voice-to-text software and voicemail-as-text message options as well as other mobile phone things. Seems to be my theme of the week. I feel like I should get a new phone and finally start using that mobile internet thing.