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Spike’s Moldy Noggin

Moldy Spike

File this under sad face: Spike’s head is all moldy and I don’t know what to do. Suggestions are welcome. Is this the end of Spike?

The Spike Look

The Spike Look

The Cuteness Contest: Murray vs. Spike

As promised, and per my mom’s assertion that her dog (my family’s dog) Murray is cuter than Spike, here’s the cuteness comparison. Note, this is an old photo I took of Murray when he was a puppy. He still looks pretty much the same. And check how much “hair” Spike is growing now!

Weigh in with your votes in the comments.

Breaking News: Spike Has Hair

Check him out! He’s actually growing some “hair”!

There’s nothing like a plant to make a place feel like home. Thanks again, Kace!

Random Things in My Apartment: Spike

Spike the dog-plant


There are some interesting things in this apartment, most of which I brought, but still interesting. This is Spike, the dog that’s supposed to grow grass from his head. I got it as a going away present from Kacie (thanks!). I just started watering it on Wednesday and when I pulled it out of my suitcase, it seemed a little worse for traveling–the top had come off his box and there was a bunch of dirt in my suitcase that had been squeezed out of his head. We’ll see if he grows any hair. I’ll keep you posted.

Oh, and sorry that I need to hold everything in front of my computer to take a photo of it. Hopefully I’ll have some batteries charged up for my real camera tomorrow.