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Monster Maker at MoMA

One of the most delightful exhibits we saw at MoMA, part of the Design and the Elastic Mind special exhibit, was an interactive monster maker that would turn your silhouette into a monster by adding fins, scales, eyeballs and other protrusions on the screen in front of you. It also grunted, roared and made other sound effects. I held my arms out like an alligator mouth, and teeth showed up on them. And if you made shadow puppets, eyeballs would often show up — see the guy on the left in the photo.

Monster Machine at MoMA

Photo from my phone of a kid playing with the monster maker.

Shadow Puppets at Parlament

Vienna Parlament

After the craziness at the Rathaus, we decided to head next door to the Parlament, an austere, neoclassical building with a large statue of Athena out front that starkly contrasts with its gothic neighbor. It was much less crowded, and we started goofing around in front of the large lights aimed right at the big while walls. What else was there to do but make shadow puppets?

I started feeling a little self-conscious of mine, since a few people came over and started watching our shadow show, but it was all fun and games. We both tried to get into that last photo, but it didn’t work so well.

Shadow Puppets on ParlamentShadow Puppets on ParlamentShadow Puppets on Parlament