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Well, it’s been a busy week of writing. Actually I guess things really started getting busy last week with the work I started doing at the new UK teen site Sugarscape. If you’re interested in what I’ve been doing over there, you can see all my posts on my profile there. This week alone, I covered celeb drunk driving, YouTube cover artists, a new band, new movies, Emma Watson and Joss Stone’s fashion, and a whole bunch more.

Expand Your Ad EmpireI also wrote an article about new advertising technologies, called Expand Your Ad Empire. I got to talk to some innovative entrepreneurs — one who I even found through a comment on my blog — and learned a lot about new ways and places people are advertising.

And as usual, I posted for Londonist. I started feeling like their animal correspondent after realizing I’d written about dogs, birds, deer, camels (well, a fake one), and then doing two animal stories this week. The non-animals posts should be interesting, too.

I also need to work on my bio for the Londonist staff page. While the words tend to flow pretty freely when I’m writing about traveling, business, news and everything else I’ve been spouting off about, I seem to be at a block when it comes to myself. I’ve written quite a few drafts, but can’t seem to settle on one. I either worry that I’m not as funny as the other contributors, sound to American/Canadian/not British, or am a just a totally fake Londoner since I’m only here for six months. Anyway, if anyone wants to ghostwrite my bio for me, feel free to send in a version.

The Pitney Bowes Ad That Caught My Eye

After all the QR and 2d code talk last week, I of course starting seeing the codes everywhere. And even in the US, where I said they weren’t used much commercially. I still stand by that they’re really used only for B2B purposes — there was one on my flight check-in print-out from Continental. There was a colorful, argyle-y code on the wall at MoMA, and then there was this Pitney Bowes ad I saw in the airport.

Pitney Bowes Ad

and closer up

Pitney Bowes Ad

Intriguing, no? Definitely an image that brings up a lot of questions.

The data matrix code isn’t meant to be read — the ad’s call to action is to text “Pitney” to a number, which sends you to their mailsream website. The answer to the question is that it can help organize patient communications. Once again, a B2B function. Now, wouldn’t it be cool if consumers could read the code in the ad?

Maybe they can — I can’t tell since my phone is behind the times. If you can read it, let me know.

I also sent this to 2d code, and they posted it today.

Social Media Club and QR Codes qr codeToday I got myself out of the house for almost the entire day by going to the Social Media Club/Tuttle Club. Now a weekly event every Friday starting at 10 a.m. at Norman’s Coach and Horses on Greek Street in Soho, the group is a lively confluence of professional marketers, bloggers, developers and social media types.

Though I tend to be nervous walking into a room of strangers — or almost all strangers, since I did know a couple of people — I felt welcomed immediately and sat down to have a cup of tea and a croissant with some newfound friends. It was nice to chat about writing, blogging, marketing and to hear about people’s startups. And I ended up staying for the QR code lunch as well.

I only learned about QR codes a few weeks ago — they’re not really used in the U.S. yet — so I felt like I should learn a bit more. Basically, they’re square-shaped bar codes that sort of look like TV fuzz that can encode urls, text information, v-cards (virtual business cards) and more. These codes are then used as shortcuts for mobile phones — the user takes a photo scan of the code and it displays the encoded information or takes them to a specific website.

The QR pros today were from i-nigma and Squiggly Square, and they had some interesting uses of the tech to talk about — both ones that had been done and some theoretical applications. Basically, it gave me a good deal to think about, and I learned some new things.

And, of course, I had to create code that’ll get you to my portfolio site (above). If anyone checking this out has a bar code reader on their phone, let me know if it works.