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The Londonist Eye, Social Media Mafia and Your Weekly Reading

Londonist EyeWell, it’s been a busy week to say the least. I started an internship at Hachette Filipacci, wrote a new article (you’ll see it soon) and still managed to write Londonist posts four out of five days.

I also managed to make it to the Museum of London for a pub quiz last night with the Londonist crew. I was pretty useless at answering questions since they were all about London (I think I knew 2), but I did excel in the arts and crafts bonus round, helping create an interactive, turning version of the London Eye, which we’d like to fondly call the Londonist Eye, out of paper straws and pipe cleaners. (In the photo, it’s nearly finished). Lindsey wrote a good post about it this morning, which really describes the evening well.

Today I went to Social Media Cafe at the Coach and Horses to catch up with my Friday morning friends, and went to lunch with the much more daunting sounding Social Media Mafia, which is actually a lovely group of people. We had curry on Brick Lane — my first time there — which ended up being a long and leisurely lunchtime feast. I’m still recovering.

The weekly reading list:

Social Media Club and QR Codes qr codeToday I got myself out of the house for almost the entire day by going to the Social Media Club/Tuttle Club. Now a weekly event every Friday starting at 10 a.m. at Norman’s Coach and Horses on Greek Street in Soho, the group is a lively confluence of professional marketers, bloggers, developers and social media types.

Though I tend to be nervous walking into a room of strangers — or almost all strangers, since I did know a couple of people — I felt welcomed immediately and sat down to have a cup of tea and a croissant with some newfound friends. It was nice to chat about writing, blogging, marketing and to hear about people’s startups. And I ended up staying for the QR code lunch as well.

I only learned about QR codes a few weeks ago — they’re not really used in the U.S. yet — so I felt like I should learn a bit more. Basically, they’re square-shaped bar codes that sort of look like TV fuzz that can encode urls, text information, v-cards (virtual business cards) and more. These codes are then used as shortcuts for mobile phones — the user takes a photo scan of the code and it displays the encoded information or takes them to a specific website.

The QR pros today were from i-nigma and Squiggly Square, and they had some interesting uses of the tech to talk about — both ones that had been done and some theoretical applications. Basically, it gave me a good deal to think about, and I learned some new things.

And, of course, I had to create code that’ll get you to my portfolio site (above). If anyone checking this out has a bar code reader on their phone, let me know if it works.

A Slightly Uncomfortable Lunch at No. 7 Market Tavern

Market Tavern StairsNo. 7 Market Tavern is a fun place to go grab a drink. They have a good beer and cider selection and plenty more on the menu. In the evenings it’s quite crowded, with people often sitting and standing outside. Upstairs, there’s a wine bar/lounge called the Chesterfield Room, which I’d never been to before, and I ended up eating lunch up there today.

When I walked into the pub, I wasn’t quite sure whether to wait to be seated or just go grab a spot, and I felt a little uncomfortable about just plopping down because the tables available were all much larger than I needed. After standing around looking helpless for a few minutes, the bartender asked me what I’d like to do and told me that I could also eat upstairs, so I decided to go check out the mysterious Chesterfield Room.

Market Tavern, Chesterfield RoomIt was decorated in red, orange and burgundy, with lots of velvet, wallpaper and chandeliers. It also smelled better than the beer and wet bar cloth smell downstairs, so I decided to stay upstairs. I ordered a sandwich and a soda, and settled in to read my favorite magazine, The Believer. I’m a few issues behind, so I was working on December, which so far is great. I read an article about people’s obsession with cuteness and another about destructive modern art in NYC. I love that the magazine is always different and is written by people much smarter than me.

But back to lunch, things started going wrong when I was served the wrong meal. The waiter was apologetic, though, and brought the sandwich I had been expecting pretty quickly. It was OK. Nothing too special, just grilled vegetables and hummus. It was served with a few parsnip chips, which I enjoyed. And the Diet Coke here tastes so much better than the kind we get in the U.S.

Market Tavern, Chesterfield RoomAnd then the fighting started. The small room was pretty quiet when I walked in. The only diners were me and a table of three women discussing hedge funds. There was a bartender/waiter manning the bar, and he was pretty relaxed since things weren’t busy. And then another bartender/waitress, who seemed to also be a manger came upstairs and started yelling at him. There seemed to be some scheduling/break time conflict and she was not happy. It wasn’t a few quiet words in a corner, but a fit in the middle of the room. It was hard to tune it out, and I wanted to leave, but I didn’t want to disturb them to ask for my bill.

The fight went on for a good 10 minutes or so, and once it was done, I was out of there. Probably won’t be going back there for lunch, though I’ll probably still end up there for drinks again sometime.

Sorry the lighting wasn’t great for my cell phone photos. The stairs, which have some fantastically funky wallpaper, ended up being the best shot.

London Bloggers Meetup

Last night I went to what sounds like the nerdiest event I’ve ever been to — the London Bloggers Meetup. I’d read about it on Londonist, but was a bit iffy about hanging out with a room full of blogger-strangers, but I found out I knew one person going (Mike), so decided to check it out.

The walk to the pub, the Camel & Artichoke, was rather scary — it involved walking through some underpasses and down dark, quiet streets and really made me wish I had some pepper spray just in case, or a better route to get there — but I made it there safely, met quite a few new people and had a few drinks courtesy of Qype. I even met some Canadians and Americans, including a guy who also went to USC and graduated 2 years after me.

It seemed like every other person I met was from Londonist, and thankfully they’re a really nice crew. I feel like I just went on and on about how much fun I’m having here and all the things that are totally foreign to me to anyone who would listen. My wildlife experiences in St. James Park got a few laughs, which was good. Though apparently last summer a pelican ate a pigeon right in front of everyone — now THAT would have been something for me to write about! I also finally figured out how to properly write my phone number (Thanks for the tutorial, Andy!).

I did a much better job getting back to the train station since I walked with a few people who knew the back way in. I had a bit of trouble finding my train, since the line wasn’t marked from the top of the escalator, but I ended up making it home just fine.