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Order to Chaos in Lines

Order to Chaos

I’m currently taking a design fundamentals class at UCLA Extension, and today our first project was due. We had to show a progression from order to chaos, using only lines. I had this concept in my head from the start of intersecting lines on a diagonal that would bounce back at each other and slowly break down into chaos.

The critique from the class was pretty good overall. They felt the design was cohesive, it had a good transition area and it was balanced. The biggest complaint was that I didn’t push the chaos concept enough, which is something I struggled with as I was composing the piece. Maybe I should have had everything break apart at the end, with no continuous lines. I also feel that I could have made some more of the chaotic lines heavier, which would have also helped the reception from the back of the class — it was very hard to see the thinner lines when you stepped back, which made it feel more orderly than it was.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and I’m excited to start tackling next week’s shape assignment. I’ve finally retrieved my drafting table from my parents’ house and pulled out my design tools. It’s great to be creating some physical pieces, which I haven’t done in a long time.