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Notre Dame Marching Band Does OK Go, Treadmills and All

We just got back from the USC-Notre Dame game where USC won 38-3. The game wasn’t terribly exciting, but the marching bands really stepped things up for the halftime show. The full Notre Dame marching band was on hand — apparently for the first time in 35 years — and they did some of the most impressive formations I’ve ever seen.

My favorite part was when they played OK Go’s “Here We Go Again,” made famous by the treadmill dance music video. Well, the marching band didn’t bring out real treadmills, but they made two treadmills with two men — then had the belts moving, and the men moving, too. I’ve never seen anything like it on a field.

Check it out a little closer up. Too bad I was sitting on the wrong side of the field so it’s upside down.

After the field-scale treadmill dancing, the band started playing “American Pie” and created a field-size car that traveled across the field, leaving a trail of smoke behind it. I don’t usually care much for the halftime show, but this was a real standout. Apparently the Notre Dame band director is actually a USC alum.

The USC band had its own story to tell, highlighting USC’s victories over the past 35 years that the Notre Dame marching band had remained in Indiana. It was fun and typically tongue-in-cheek, though I couldn’t really tell what any of the formations were supposed to be. There were also plenty of dance breaks — it seems anytime anyone in the USC band isn’t actively playing their instrument, they make up some sort of dance, which ends up being pretty entertaining.

Neat Paris Picture: Candles at Notre Dame

Candles in Notre Dame

First Sight Out of the Subway: Notre Dame

Notre Dame Cathedral

Since we would have been transferring at the Notre Dame metro stop anyway, we decided to get out and check it out — how couldn’t we, really?

The outside looked just as I’d expected it to, though its clean, light stone makes it look like a much newer building than it is. The stone carvings are wonderfully intricate, but since they’re all in one color, very symmetrical and very formal, Notre Dame looks quite restrained compared to a lot of other Cathedrals I’ve been to.

Once inside, the place is light and airy, with extremely high vaulted ceilings, some very impressive stained glass and towering stone support columns. I was surprised by how comfortable I felt there. I usually find Catholic churches quite scary — they can be so dark and have so many wounded and bleeding icons that I find it hard to relax and really enjoy what I’m seeing. Thankfully, there was no gore here, and a surprisingly lax policy about letting visitors wander about while a service was going on, which was a little odd, but nice that we weren’t shooed away.

We wanted to climb the towers, but the line was very long, so we decided to move on, but not before walking around the whole building and getting a view of all the flying buttresses and rose windows.

Notre Dame Cathedral Interior