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A Trip to Syracuse

Sculpture at Stone Quarry Art Park

A Sculpture at Stone Quarry Art Park, Cazenovia

At the beginning of the month, Evan and I went to Syracuse to spend time with his family. It was an absolutely wonderful trip — and the perfect time of year to make it. We went to Treman state park, Ithaca, Green Lakes State Park, the Stone Quarry Art Park, and Rochester to visit a friend and her new baby. We saw lots of wildlife and plants, the Erie Canal and ate lots of good food. Check out my iPhone photos from the site in the Flickr slideshow below, or check out Evan’s photos from his nice camera.

Evan Has Posted New Photos

Though I’ve written about all of these events, you can finally see the full sets of photos from:

He has also posted the photos on Facebook if you prefer looking at them there.

Our Best Photo of Central Park

Saturday afternoon, Evan’s family and I walked through a good portion of central park since the weather was good. This was our best photo. Evan took it (with his old camera).

Central Park Reservoir

Monster Maker at MoMA

One of the most delightful exhibits we saw at MoMA, part of the Design and the Elastic Mind special exhibit, was an interactive monster maker that would turn your silhouette into a monster by adding fins, scales, eyeballs and other protrusions on the screen in front of you. It also grunted, roared and made other sound effects. I held my arms out like an alligator mouth, and teeth showed up on them. And if you made shadow puppets, eyeballs would often show up — see the guy on the left in the photo.

Monster Machine at MoMA

Photo from my phone of a kid playing with the monster maker.

The Pitney Bowes Ad That Caught My Eye

After all the QR and 2d code talk last week, I of course starting seeing the codes everywhere. And even in the US, where I said they weren’t used much commercially. I still stand by that they’re really used only for B2B purposes — there was one on my flight check-in print-out from Continental. There was a colorful, argyle-y code on the wall at MoMA, and then there was this Pitney Bowes ad I saw in the airport.

Pitney Bowes Ad

and closer up

Pitney Bowes Ad

Intriguing, no? Definitely an image that brings up a lot of questions.

The data matrix code isn’t meant to be read — the ad’s call to action is to text “Pitney” to a number, which sends you to their mailsream website. The answer to the question is that it can help organize patient communications. Once again, a B2B function. Now, wouldn’t it be cool if consumers could read the code in the ad?

Maybe they can — I can’t tell since my phone is behind the times. If you can read it, let me know.

I also sent this to 2d code, and they posted it today.

New York in a New York Minute

MoMA Gallery SpaceI’m sure I’ll be posting a bit more, with photos and better descriptions, but Evan and I got back from our New York weekend today.

We left from Gatwick airport Friday morning and had a 2-hour delay off the bat since our plane didn’t arrive on time. After an uneventful flight — Evan slept and I finished reading Youth in Revolt (very funny) — we got to Newark, took the train to our hotel (the W, very nice) and got ready to go out to dinner.

We had Greek food (yum), went to see Towards Darkness (unfortunately the theater wasn’t very full, though it was well-received by the friends and family who came), and went out for drinks at the Thirsty Scholar (fun!).

Saturday we went to MoMA (very cool, check out the photo), walked through Central Park (always lovely), had Mexican food in DUMBO (quite an adventure to get to, though the food was delicious), and went out with friends at B Bar.

Sunday, we had brunch (I miss American-style brunch), Evan bought a camera, we had drinks with a friend, then spent a long time in Newark airport waiting for our flight (we were early). The flight was bumpy. Evan slept; I didn’t. I did, however, completely conk out on the train in from Gatwick. I also managed to take an accidental 6-hour nap this afternoon (oops) while Evan was at work.

More about the weekend soon.

Also, check out my latest Hitched article, “Online Tools to Keep You Organized.”

Weekly Reading: Londonist Posts

Bactrian Camels at the Budapest ZooAs you read this (well, if you’re reading this when I posted it) I’m on my way to New York. I’ll likely be offline for the weekend, but I’ll be back in London Monday and I’m sure I’ll have plenty to report.

But as is current Friday custom around here, check out my Londonist posts for this week:

  • Bactrian Burglars in Bishopsgate: Have you seen Brian the camel?
  • Richmond Park Cull: No Other Option? A new cause for London’s animal lovers — save the deer!
  • Lewisham is Seeing Spots: Measles outbreak due to low vaccination rates.
  • Grape Case Quashed: A man pulls a silly suit on Marks & Spencer and loses.
  • Lessons Learned: Melt Chocolate Master Class: More on the chocolate class from Wednesday, plus the recipe for the chocolate martini. (This link may not work as I couldn’t check it, since it hadn’t been posted when I wrote this post. It should work, but if it doesn’t, you may have to scroll through or just wait for me to post the right link later. Sorry if it causes any trouble.)

Photo of a Bactrian camel from the Budapest Zoo, July 2007. Brian looks substantially different, but it’s the closest thing I have.