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Christmas Eve at the Fields’

Last night, we went over to our good friends the Fields’ for a Christmas eve dinner. Most of us, including the hosts, were Jewish, there was no turkey or ham served, and there was no eggnog. There was still lots of food and drink, some games which involved guessing how many cranberries or other items were in a container or in the house as well as guessing the height difference between the shortest and tallest guests — my mom was the shortest, not very surprisingly. I got mistaken for both of my sisters various times — even my mom said I looked a lot like Suzie yesterday. And we went on an after-dinner boat ride on the Duffy to look at the lights around Naples (no, not Italy, Naples Island in Long Beach, CA).

Christmas lights in Naples, Long Beach

Overall, a really fun night. Thanks, Fieldsies!

Sorry if this post is a bit disjointed. I’m still really jet-lagged, and I woke up at 5 a.m. I took the photo from the boat with my cell pone. Not the best quality, but you should get the idea.