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Talking about Social Media Marketing and More at Gravity Summit

gravitysummitMonday I went to Gravity Summit at UC Irvine. I’d first heard about Gravity Summit when I went to the Tweetup after the UCLA conference. I got to meet one of the founders, Rodney Rumford, as well as some of the speakers, like Angie Swartz, as well as some other interesting people. So when I received an invitation to attend their UC Irvine event, I was excited to head down and learn more.

There was a great morning keynote by the author of The Brand Bubble, John Gerzema, who talked about the way consumers’ mindsets have shifted with the economic crisis and how brands are responding. His presentation had tons of great examples, and I’ve embedded it below (you can click on the slides with tiled images/logos to get to the examples). He discussed the shift toward do-it-yourself, consumer empowerment and a liquid, streamlined life. He also talked about the recent shift in focus to modesty (or at least the appearance of it), and value and ethics consciousness among consumers.

Calamity Master – Gravity Summit Version

Another great talk was Domino’s Pizza franchisee Ramon De Leon (@dpzramon) who talked about how he has used social media to boost sales in his 6 Chicago stores. His story goes way beyond posting specials on Twitter — this guy is a social media machine, connecting with local universities and clubs on Facebook, posting 12 seconds videos about the potholes around town and just generally using his infectious love for people, pizza and connecting to create more sales for his stores. He also likes to add a personal touch and goes to deliver pizzas himself, or brings his managers and cooks along, too. He’s always thinking about how he can leverage an opportunity to sell pizza, and he’s completely available to his Chicago community.

There were other presentations about how Twitter changes the game of business marketing, how to create a passionate community, analytics tools to help find, reach and influence your market, and more. In all, it was a great day, and I met a lot of wonderful people.

Mindshare LA: A Night of “Enlightened Debauchery”

mindshare la june flyerLast week, Kacie and I went to Mindshare LA. I’d been meaning to go to this event since I first read about it the fall, but had never actually made my way over to hear the talks and mingle with the rather intellectually elite crowd. But then I started getting more into LA’s tech evets, and I met Travis Savo, who is part of Mindshare Labs, at BarCamp. Once I had a personal invite — and knew one of the speakers (Jason) — of course I was going to go.

The event was held at a repurposed firehouse on the east side of Downtown LA. We entered from an alley, where a Border Grill taco truck was parked for our dining pleasure, and picked up our name tags before exploring the already crowded venue. There was a little courtyard, where Travis would DJ later, another outdoor space where there was an open wine and beer bar as well as snacks from Portos, and an inside space with a bar, some small side rooms, and a room set up for the presentations.

The speaker list was a diverse group of people all passionate about what they do.

Jessica Jackley, the founder of KIVA, gave a talk about microloans and about what KIVA is doing to help alleviate poverty around the world. I got to learn a bit more about the lending process and was really inspired by how she has been able to grow the organization so quickly and effectively.

Geoffrey Sommer, an aviator and risk analyst who has done work for NASA, talked about killer comets and meteorites and talked about how closely we can predict an impact and whether we could really do anything about it. I’ve always been a sucker for disaster shows, though they absolutely terrify me, and from what he has determined, we probably shouldn’t spend too much time worrying about things coming from outer space to kill us.

Ariel Blumenthal, a composer and the founder Sentient Music for Media talked about creating custom soundtracks for spaces that evolve as you move through the space and set differet moods in different parts of the spaces and Dr. Alex Benzer, the author of Tao of Dating for Women and Tao of Dating For Men talked about why smart people often have a difficult time dating.

The big talk of the night, though was Jason Porath‘s A Short History of Hollywood’s Genitalia Coverups. I first heard Jason give the talk at BarCamp, and it had the room roaring. We all laughed at terms like “tent removal” and “scrotoscoping,” and got to see quite a few examples of Hollywood coverups. I’m hoping the video of this one turns up sometime so I can share it.

After the talks, we stuck around for another drink and enjoyed the music. The courtyards were beautifully lit up with firelight, and we also got to check out a laser maze — I didn’t actually try it, but it looked like something a bank robber would have to go through.

I didn’t take any pictures, but here’s a video from SEOP:

SEOP at the Events: MindShare LA | 6/18/09 from SEOP on Vimeo.

Introducing: The Tuttle LA Blog

tuttlela blog

Today, we finally launched the Tuttle LA blog. It was meant to be a super easy and quick installation, but took longer than expected, mostly due to technical problems with the host we were going to use.

I kept it nice and simple, but added some neat plugins that I hadn’t used before, including Event Calendar, so you can see our upcoming meetings, and Twitter Tracker, which I wish had a few more top-level options, but is a nice way to pull a Twitter search into your sidebar and is easy to style.


With the launch of the blog, we also announced our next meeting, this Friday, April 10, 2009, at The Library Coffee House in Long Beach. We’re meeting at 10:30 a.m. again, and anyone who’d like to come is welcome. Hope to see you there!

Tuttle LA #3 Friday, March 27


Sorry for the lack of advance notice on this post, but it’s been a hectic week! Tuttle Club LA #3 will be happening Friday, March 27 at 10:30 a.m. at The Library Coffee House in Long Beach.

So far, it sounds like there will be a nice crowd, including some new people. We’ll probably be in the strange T-shirt shop/massage chair/free magazine room on the right because it’ll be a bigger group and it’ll probably get pretty loud. Maybe we’ll take some more videos, too.

We’ll be setting up the Tuttle LA blog soon, but for now, leave a comment to let us know you’ll be showing up to share some coffee, conversation and social media talk, and we’ll look out for you.

The Basics

When: Friday, March 27, 2009, 10:30 a.m.

Where: The Library Coffee House
3412 E Broadway
Long Beach, CA 90803
(562) 433-2393

Tuttle #2

Tomorrow will be the second-ever meeting of the LA Tuttle Club. We’ll be meeting again at the Library in Long Beach at 10:30 a.m. for coffee and discussion about work, social media, marketing, music… whatever it is that you’re into. The first meeting was great fun — we all met some new people and learned about some new technology and music.

Geoff, Jeb and I will definitely be showing up, and anyone else who’d like to drop by is welcome. Leave a note in the comments, email, or send me a message on Twitter if you’d like to learn more or let me know to look for you.

We’ll be in the second room (so don’t worry if you don’t see us right when you walk in the door), and we’ll try to grab enough couch and chair space for anyone who’ll be coming. And don’t worry about coming a bit late — we’re not on any schedule — this is what you make of it.

The basics:

Where: The Library Coffee House
3412 E Broadway
Long Beach, CA 90803
(562) 433-2393

When: Friday, March 13, 2009, 10:30 a.m.

The First-Ever LA Tuttle Club

The first Tuttle LA group: Amir, Caroline, Mark, Geoff, Jeb, Me and David

Today we had the first-ever meeting of Tuttle LA. Maybe it should be called Tuttle LB, as we were actually in Long Beach. In any case, Geoff and I had been planning for this for a few weeks, but weren’t really sure if anyone was going to show up. Thankfully, we didn’t have much to worry about — we had a nice small group of 7.

The Library was a cool place. It felt a bit like someone’s living room, with couches and coffee tables and walls painted different colors. The coffee was good, too.

We talked about mobile phones, as Jeb had recently returned from Mobile World in Barcelona and had quite a few Nokias for people to play with. We also talked a lot about music, since Geoff manages a band and Amir is a musician, as is David, who joined us after listening in on some of our music conversation.

Jeb and Geoff

We also talked film (Amir is also a filmmaker), Twitter, and of course social networking strategy. Mark also told us a bit about some new social networking tools and concepts, and we discussed how social networks can create ambient awareness as well as AI technologies for social networks — as in, do you want a social networking app to be able to predict your behavior on a certain day or time since it’s been tracking what you’ve been doing, or is that creepy?

We of course talked a lot about our inspiration for meeting up — the London Tuttle Club. We made a Qik video and said hello to Lloyd, we decided that Jeb was the new Whatleydude as he was letting everyone try out his various mobile phones, and we talked a lot about Solobasssteve, since he was the one who convinced us to start something up here in the first place.

And just like in London, the gathering went long — we started at 10:30 and hung around until just after 2. And though I had good intentions of getting some work done and brought my laptop with me, it stayed in my backpack. There’s never really any time for solo work at Tuttle.

We’re having our second meeting two weeks from today, on March 13, so mark your calendars if you’d like to come — and let me know if you want to carpool from LA.

West LA Tweetup

Last night there was a Tweetup — the first I’d actually attended in LA (I know, I’ve been a bit of a slacker since getting back into town what feels like a very short 6 months ago). In any case, when I heard that people were getting together nearby after attending Gravity Summit, I thought I should stop by to meet some new people.

The Tweetup was at Palomino in Westwood, a very popular bar and restaurant — I want to go back and try their thin-crust pizza because it looked delicious. The place was packed with a lively post-work/post-conference crowd, and I meandered around a bit before Rodney Rumford saw me looking a little lost and made some introductions (thank you!).

There was quite a big crowd, so I didn’t even come close to meeting everyone, but I did have some nice conversations with Ben, Dustin, Tony, Ricardo, Alan, Angie and John. I also ran into Jon Rognerud, who I worked with when I was an editor at — we’d never met in person, so I didn’t even realize who he was at first!

It was great to get out and meet some new and interesting people. And tomorrow I have another event — the first ever Tuttle LA. If you’re available tomorrow morning and can make it to Long Beach, I’d love to see you there.