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The Londonist Eye, Social Media Mafia and Your Weekly Reading

Londonist EyeWell, it’s been a busy week to say the least. I started an internship at Hachette Filipacci, wrote a new article (you’ll see it soon) and still managed to write Londonist posts four out of five days.

I also managed to make it to the Museum of London for a pub quiz last night with the Londonist crew. I was pretty useless at answering questions since they were all about London (I think I knew 2), but I did excel in the arts and crafts bonus round, helping create an interactive, turning version of the London Eye, which we’d like to fondly call the Londonist Eye, out of paper straws and pipe cleaners. (In the photo, it’s nearly finished). Lindsey wrote a good post about it this morning, which really describes the evening well.

Today I went to Social Media Cafe at the Coach and Horses to catch up with my Friday morning friends, and went to lunch with the much more daunting sounding Social Media Mafia, which is actually a lovely group of people. We had curry on Brick Lane — my first time there — which ended up being a long and leisurely lunchtime feast. I’m still recovering.

The weekly reading list:

Photos of London


I posted a bunch of photos from our walk the other weekend, but there were plenty more I didn’t share. If you want to check out more from Buckingham Palace, Parliament and the London Eye, Evan posted the whole batch on his site.

More London Lights: View from the Golden Jubilee Bridge

We took a different bridge across the Thames home — the Golden Jubilee Bridge — which turned out to be a spectacular choice. Check out the view:


London Lights: Views from the London Eye

London Eye

When we got out of the Dali museum, we were essentially right at the entrance to the London Eye. We’d heard that the views are better at night, when the city is lit up. It also wasn’t very crowded. So we decided to seize the opportunity to take a ride. It costs 15 pounds for the half-hour ride, and the capsules, as they call them, are quite comfortable. They don’t overstuff them as you may expect, so there’s plenty of room to move about, check out the views from all angles and even sit down and relax for a while.

The views of Parliament are the best, though there are plenty of other recognizable sites, including St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Tate Modern. Check it out:


London Eye