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Hanging Out with Iron Man: The Legacy Effects Open House

A few weeks ago, Evan and I went to the Legacy Effects open house to check out the new location and see Evan’s former Stan Winston co-workers (Legacy Effects is the new name for Stan Winston Studio, the visual effects company that did things like the Jurassic Park dinosaurs and the Terminator).

The studio was full of fun things to see, from Terminator models to Edward Scissorhands, to Iron Man. We also got to see where they make the molds — and touch some of the materials they make their creatures out of — and there was footage up of a lot of the testing and filming with the models. There was even a shot of Evan in a pig-lizard suit for Galaxy Quest from his early days at SWS. Apparently he fainted in the parking lot shortly after getting out of the suit since it was so hot and cramped in there.

They also had themed drinks, based on the movies they’d done effects for, like the Alien. And there were some characters from commercials, like the Aflac Duck and Death (he was in a Super Bowl commercial this year for something… Pizza Hut? I don’t remember).

We weren’t allowed to take pictures ourselves, but they had some photographers walking around, which is where these shots came from.