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Britishism: Acid Drops

Evan spied these candies at the Kew Gardens gift shop and ran over to us making a joke about dropping acid, of course. The Brits we were with started laughing and said, “Until right now, we’d never thought of it in that way”!

Walking in the Trees at Kew

Kew Treetop WalkwayKew treetop walkway

Last weekend, we went to check out the Treetop Walkway at Kew Gardens on its opening day. The line to climb the stairs snaked down a pathway, but it moved pretty quickly, and we were soon up in the trees on the sinewy metal structure.

Though it was a shorter pathway than I anticipated, I really enjoyed being up in the trees, feeling the structure sway with the wind and getting to enjoy the great views of the Temperate House and other Kew Gardens sites.

kew treetop walkway

Not everyone was as thrilled to be up in the trees, though. For those with any discomfort with heights, the walkway made them a bit queasy, and there were quite a few people clutching on to the railings or their partners and waiting eagerly to get down.

The biggest thing I would change about the walkway would be to add an additional entry/exit point, since there was only one — a single staircase only big enough for people to go single file each way, which caused quite a backlog on the narrow walkway. There was a lift right across from the stairs, but it wasn’t ready to be used yet.

We also went to check out the other summertime special tree exhibit, the Rhizotron, which was supposed to teach about root systems. We were unimpressed. It was really directed toward little children, with a cute mosaic, a few metal roots on the walls of the tunnel and some cartoony bugs. It seemed like an afterthought compared to the treetop walkway.

Check out more photos of the walkway on Flickr. And check out all the photos from day as well.

Weekly Reading: Keyboards, Cars and Kew

It’s been another busy week and my good friend from college Shayne just got into town today. To cut to the chase, your reading for the week from Londonist and

New Music: ortoPilot and Other Links

As part of my job at Sugarscape, I’ve been finding a YouTube video to post everyday — usually someone doing a cover of a popular song, though sometimes people dancing or performing original songs or parodies. This week, I stumbled across a new singer songwriter, Matt Hutchison, whose sound I really liked, so I though I’d share his video here, too. His band is called ortoPilot, and they’re from Manchester. I wish I could play guitar like him!

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Another video to check out is Jared and Matt’s Last Guy on Earth — it’s a short clip about aliens running an earth-based reality dating show where they’ve killed off all the men on the planet except for one guy, but, well… he’s not exactly interested in playing the game. They’re going for most views in the month of may, so check it out.

I also finally posted some photos to my Flickr account. You can check out the rest of the Kew Gardens set from last weekend here.

Saturday at Kew Gardens: Photowalk

Saturday, I went on a lovely trip to Kew Gardens with Annie, Mex, Nikki and Julian (the links go to their photos). Unfortunately, Evan had to work.

For the bank holiday weekend, there is a Woodland Fair going on at Kew, and there were horse-drawn carriage rides, craftsmen, Morris dancers and a falconry show. I didn’t get to see all of the different gardens in the park, or go in the palm house, though, so hopefully I’ll get back there soon.

touching an owl

We got to touch an owl — its feathers were soft.


There were woodworkers turning wood by foot power — those long sticks attached to a strong wrapped around the piece of wood, and turned it back and forth.

may flowers

There were also cute crafts like these wood May flowers.

bee being born

We saw bees emerging from their pupal cases — this one was had only popped his head out. I also bought some pollen collected from the bees’ legs, and there were many different types of honey to buy.

Morris Dancers

There were morris dancers putting on a show — they danced around with bells on their shoes and legs and smacking their sticks together.

crazy people dancing

In one of the stranger moments of the day, these two wandering musicians were encircled by some very enthusiastic people who danced circles around them. If only I’d videotaped it…

yurt and accordion player

There were also lots of yurts — here’s a wooden tiger overlooking the accordion player in front of the puppet show yurt.

Check out the rest of my photos on Flickr.