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Lobby Photos: Miriam Comes to Visit

Francine and Miriam

Awesome surprise while sitting in the lobby today: Miriam came to visit! She is in town from Barcelona, visiting Bernat.

Well, it wasn’t a surprise that she’s in Budapest–she’s been here since Friday and we hung out on Saturday night at the wrap party–but it was still great to get to chat with her and have coffee together. She’s only here until, Wednesday, though.

Sitting in the Lobby, Drinking Coffee

I’m sitting in my unofficial office–the hotel lobby–and enjoying some coffee. It’s pretty cozy here. I spent a lot of time at this table in the lobby table during my last visit here and came to enjoy watching the guests and employees walking back and forth, the view of the nice little courtyard and the endless supply of coffee.

It’s pretty rainy and cold out today, so I might be staying put. I’m still quite the SoCal girl–I think that the world stops when the weather is bad. Maybe I should just bundle up and head out. I did buy a pair of boots! Not rain boots, though.

I think the next plan for the blog will be to go over some of the fun things I’ve already done in Budapest–I was here already in July and September and I did a ton!