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New Hitched Article: The Family Blog

Family BlogI’m very excited about my new Hitched article, just published today, called “The Family Blog.” It’s all about how personal blogging can help you stay connected with family and friends and create an evolving keepsake for your family.

Though it focuses more on the technical, how-to aspects of setting up a blog, I wish I could have injected more of my own experience into the story — things like how my parents and grandparents read the blog whenever I post (hi guys!), or how even though a lot of you reading (most of you reading, really) won’t leave comments, you will tell me that you’ve been keeping up with my adventures through other means.

I must say, though: Leave comments. Say hello. I want to hear what you’ve been up to as well. And I like to know you’ve come to visit my little sliver of the web.

While it’s fun to keep this blog as a bit of a travelogue for myself — and it is handy for remembering what I’ve been up to and when — I write for you, to let you in to what I’m doing. I never would have even started this blog project if it weren’t for everyone asking if I would be keeping a blog while I was traveling.

Also, if you’re interested in blogging, let me know if I can help you set something up. I’m happy to do it.

Monday Morning Reading

Good morning friends. Why so chipper on a Monday morning, you ask? I have no idea. But I do have some new reading for you if you’re interested.

First is my latest Hitched article, “Scheduling Conflict,” about working an opposite schedule from your spouse. I interviewed three couples about how they cope being on essentially night-and-day schedules. Sounds pretty lonely to me, but they’re making it work. And some even choose that sort of schedule for child-care reasons.

And I’m continuing my little Londonist streak — I’m going to try to do a post a day. Today’s little post is about a fire in a fire station, and it’s called “No Pole to Slide Down to Get to This Fire.”

I’ve also been testing out writing some reviews on some review sites here. I still miss Yelp, though I have found some good, though newish, alternatives.

Hope everyone’s week starts off well. I get to end mine off with a visit from my parents — they’re coming on Saturday, and I’m very excited to show them around London.

New Articles on and Hitched

Two more articles up this week: One on about new billing/payment trends, which ended up being much more interesting than it sounds. Well, at least the interviews were. I got to talk to people at four different alternative billing companies — Bill Me Later, eBillme, Revolution Money and BSG Clearing Solutions — and hear about the new ways they’re letting customers pay retailers. It was a great education in shopping carts and alternative credit systems that I never expected to get. I wish I could have written more about each of the companies. If you’re interested, check out “New Ways to Pay.”

The Hitched article is one Valentine’s Day — what happens when one partner is more into the holiday than the other. I interviewed NYC-based psychologist Diana Kirschner, and was helped out by a connection from the payment article — Bill Me Later had just done a survey on Valentine’s day spending and disputes. If you’re interested in this one, check out “Valentine’s Day Dispute.”

New Hitched Article: Flu Season Fixes

What an appropriate subject for me to cover — dealing with winter colds and flus. Seems like everyone’s been getting something lately, though I guess that always happens this time of year.

Flu Season Fixes
When your spouse is suffering from a cold or flu, help them heal while avoiding getting sick yourself.

Itchy throats, stuffy noses, aches and pains: yup, it’s flu season. And when your partner gets a nasty virus, finding ways to make them feel better—and ways for you to not get the bug—are top priority. So what can you do?

… read the full article at Hitched

New Hitched Article: Resolution for Two

Check out my latest Hitched article about new year’s resolutions. Hope this is a great one for all! I ended up having a near repeat of last new year’s–Evan and I had dinner with his grandparents, which included an absolutely amazing chocolate souffle, we went out with some friends to a bar in Downtown LA called Blue Velvet, which was fun, and we stopped by a party at a friend’s place to see a few more people. Then we spent New Year’s Day at the Rose Bowl — go Trojans! — and finished the day by meeting up with Maryn and Brian, then having dinner with my parents. Man, it’s been a busy trip home! I’ll try to post some pictures soon — we have nice ones from Tara and Dave’s wedding and the Rose Bowl.

Resolution for Two

Want to make this a great year for your marriage? Try making one of these 10 resolutions that can help bring you closer.

You hop into the new year by sharing a bottle of bubbly and a smooch from your partner, but your resolutions will probably focus on you, you and you. You want to lose weight, get a promotion and make more money. But what about that other entity in your life—your marriage? We challenge you to make 2008 the best year yet for your union by taking your partner into consideration and making a resolution that’ll benefit both of you.

Don’t know where to start? We’ve got 10 experts who can help you get the gears turning.

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New Hitched Article: Gifts for the Whole Family

This one is short and sweet.

Gifts for the Whole Family
Want to find something that everyone can enjoy together this holiday season? Look no further.

If spending more time as a family is going to be one of your New Year’s resolutions, why not help yourself out with a holiday present that everyone can enjoy together? In this last-minute push at the end of December, we’ve got five picks that can work for your family, whether you have children or not.

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New Hitched Article: 6 Steps to a Stress-Free Holiday Season

Check out my new Hitched article, especially if the holidays stress you out.

6 Steps to a Stress-Free Holiday Season
These six tips from the founder of The Stress Institute can help you have happier holidays.

The holiday season is prime time for stress, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether it’s your budget, your family or the prospect of an expanding waistline that’s grating on your nerves, there are ways to refocus on what holiday time should be about—having fun and relaxing. Dr. Kathleen Hall, founder and CEO of The Stress Institute ( shares six stress-busting tips that can help you have a calmer, more fulfilling holiday season. 

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