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Highgate Cemetery and Hampstead Heath

Highgate Cemetery LionSaturday, Evan and I went to Highgate Cemetery and Hampstead Heath. We toured the old half of the cemetery, and we didn’t have time to visit the side you can just walk through that has Karl Marx’s grave, but we’d heard good things about the old part. Our tour guide was a bit bumbling, but we did learn some interesting things, and walking down the paths by the graves overgrown with holly, ivy and other greenery was quite an experience.

Essentially, it’s like graveyard Disneyland, complete with “Egyptian Avenue,” “Lebanon Circle” and lots of quirky characters. One of my favorites was George Wombwell, a “menagerist” whose apparently was quite the character, showman and wild animal collector. His grave had an adorable lion sleeping on it.

Hampstead Heath LondonWe didn’t have a map of the area (I didn’t bring the guidebook), so it took us a little while to reorient ourselves and find Hampstead Heath on our walk back, since we came from the other direction. We soon found the park, though, amid lots of parents chasing their small children on bikes and scooters down hills — who lets 3-year-olds ride scooters down hills? In any case, we had a nice walk through the park and were up on Parliament Hill near sunset, so we took some photos of London.

Tea Cup/Fifi and RomeoAfter we were done in the park, we hung out near Hampstead High Street and had some tea and cupcakes at a funny little bakery/luxury dog store (no kidding) called the Tea Cup/Fifi and Romeo. It sort of looked like the tackiest celebrity baby room you could imagine for opposite-sex twins. One half was pink and sparkly and the other was blue and also sort of sparkly, with couches and chandeliers and pianos. Our tea was delicious though — cherry blossom, which smelled like a cherry lollipop, but had a much more subtle taste. And though our black-and-white cupcake was pretty standard, we had a slice of pumpkin cake that was very good.