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Help Plan Our Summer Trip

After Evan and I are finished our stint in London at the end of June, we plan on traveling for a month or two, making our way back to LA heading east. Our tentative itinerary:

  • 1 week in Egypt 
  • 1 week in Jordan
  • 2 weeks in India
  • 2 weeks in Thailand and Cambodia
  • 1 week in Japan
  • 1 week in Maui (to join up with the Kizner family summer vacation)
  • Back to LA

We haven’t booked our ticket yet, but we met with a travel agent on Saturday about it and are going back in a couple of weeks to really sort things out. It looks like we’ll be getting some sort of around-the-world ticket, which is flexible on dates, though less flexible on destinations once we pick them.

So now we need help — we want to know what to see, where to stay, what and where to eat, which guide to get, and all your other travel tips for these destinations. Please post them in the comments or email them directly to me. And if you have friends and family who have been to these places, please ask them to share, too.


New Hitched Article: The Family Blog

Family BlogI’m very excited about my new Hitched article, just published today, called “The Family Blog.” It’s all about how personal blogging can help you stay connected with family and friends and create an evolving keepsake for your family.

Though it focuses more on the technical, how-to aspects of setting up a blog, I wish I could have injected more of my own experience into the story — things like how my parents and grandparents read the blog whenever I post (hi guys!), or how even though a lot of you reading (most of you reading, really) won’t leave comments, you will tell me that you’ve been keeping up with my adventures through other means.

I must say, though: Leave comments. Say hello. I want to hear what you’ve been up to as well. And I like to know you’ve come to visit my little sliver of the web.

While it’s fun to keep this blog as a bit of a travelogue for myself — and it is handy for remembering what I’ve been up to and when — I write for you, to let you in to what I’m doing. I never would have even started this blog project if it weren’t for everyone asking if I would be keeping a blog while I was traveling.

Also, if you’re interested in blogging, let me know if I can help you set something up. I’m happy to do it.

A Puzzling Problem

At the Rathaus Christmas market in Vienna, Evan and I stopped by a puzzle booth. We played around with a few of the toys, and he asked the woman at the booth to give him something REALLY difficult. She sold him a three-piece wooden pyramid puzzle.

Well, I took it apart and put it back together twice by keeping the blocks all really close, and then when I took it apart and moved the blocks further away, trying to note where they all were, I couldn’t put them back together! So now we have a broken puzzle. I’m sure we’ll get it back together, but it’s quite frustrating to try to solve it–it only has three pieces. And I feel bad that I took it apart before Evan had a chance to play with it first.

If you’ve solved the three-piece Stewart Coffin pyramid, let us know.

Stewart Coffin 3-Piece Pyramid Puzzle

Update: Problem solved. That was quick.