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Learning to Make Soup

New culinary adventure: I’ve been trying my hand at making soup.

Monday, I made garlic broth, though I think I should have put in some more garlic, and followed a recipe that had me poach an egg in the soup, which turned out quite well, considering I’d never poached an egg before. And being inspired by my soup from Klassz that had a poached egg, I was definitely more than happy to try my hand at it. Unfortunately, the recipe also called for putting dried bread in the soup, which I didn’t like at all–it got so soggy, I threw most of it out. I think I could have also used a bit more garlic–and I wish I would have added some other vegetables. I consider it a moderate success.

Today, I went to the market–I actually found a new market that I didn’t know about at all. It’s just a few blocks away, and by a great import food store called Culinaris. I noticed a few people selling vegetables at stands on the outskirts of the park across the street, and I went over to take a look. There wasn’t a big selection–the vendors were packing up for the day. But I looked back across the street, where someone was opening a large wooden door, and lo and behold, I saw a whole display of fruit! I crossed back to the other side of the street and went in, and there was a large indoor market with about five different fruit and veggie stands, meat counters, a bakery and more. I bought some bread and a chocolate croissant at the bakery. Found some big Israeli avocados at a fruit stand, and bought a leek and an onion, thinking they’d be good in my next incarnation of soup.

They were! I made broth from chopped up leeks, onions and garlic, and I seasoned it with salt and pepper and some spice I bought at the market–maybe tarragon? Evan had his broth plain, since he isn’t feeling fantastic, and I poached another egg for myself and added some diced tomatoes. Much better than the first attempt.

Also, I was excited that I got to carry everything home from the market in my new tote bag (pictured below–yes, it has a weird monster on it) that I got at Bolt–a small, quirky shop that sells art objects, T-shirts, accessories and more for the environmentally conscious Hungarian hipster. I’d been looking for a fun tote for a while since stores rarely give you bags here.

Tote Bag Monster

Near Success: Only 1 Veggie Confiscated at Checkout

Last week, on a trip to the Match supermarket in the West End mall, I had a bit of a problem at the checkout–I didn’t realize I needed to weigh some of my vegetables and get a sticker before I tried to pay. Silly American–I thought they did that at checkout! Anyway, I had a cauliflower, a zucchini and a few other things confiscated because of it. Thankfully, the other vegetables I bought–broccoli, kohlrabi and avocados were fixed-price and not a problem to buy.

Today, I was determined to get it right–I tried to read the chalked signs and figure out if the price was by weight, which was surprisingly difficult in some cases. I checked the scale to see which fruit and vegetable pictures it displayed. I went back to the ones I wanted to buy to check the Hungarian names. I weighed my tomatoes and got a sticker. I didn’t even think about the cucumber! I’m just used to buying those plastic-wrapped English cucumbers at a fixed price. Stupid American again! Of course, I didn’t realize until it was too late, so I surrendered it to the check-out woman.

At least my track record is improving.

Match Supermarket Madness

I’ve been to two different match supermarkets in the past two days (I know, so European to go to the market every day), and right now they’re offering spin-the-wheel promotion for different prizes.

Sounds like fun, right? I was all pumped to go try my hand at the wheel o’ fortune yesterday, since they gave me a card for a purchase that probably totaled less than $5, but I couldn’t get near the thing! People were lined up, scanning multiple cards and focused like they were playing Vegas slots. Today, when I went to an even bigger Match, there was an even longer line! I thought, there must be something to this. This marketing is doing wonders to keep people in the store. What could they possibly be giving away?

From the looks of this card, they’re giving away a bag, a mug, a notepad and an umbrella. Um, I’ll pass. Though I could have used that bag today–I forgot to bring one with me and they don’t just give them away. No idea what that big yellow bubble on the card says–probably the grand prize. I hope it’s free groceries for a year, though I have no way to tell right now. Anyone care to translate? I tried to at least find some semblance of a translation online, but the Hungarian-to-English programs don’t seem to work very well.