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Weekly Reading: Tech, Tech, Tech, Chocolate!

I’m back from Florida and have plenty to share. I’ll be putting up the pictures and posting about the trip soon, but for now I have lots of new stories out on these fair interwebs. Not presented in the order the headline would lead you to believe, let’s start with dessert…

First, there’s my SpoiledinLA Holiday Gift Guide Review of Madame Chocolat, which you already got a little preview of.

Then there are two AllBusiness articles: one on web browsing tricks to help you speed up your surfing, and another on whether a netbook is right for you.

And then there’s a piece I did for about the unwritten rules of social networking. I interviewed Joel Postman of Socialized PR about The Unwritten Rules of Social Networking, from how to interact with clients to the best strategies for growing a strong following. We also discussed whether to hire a community manager and how to balance your personal and professional identities. Thanks, Tomdog, for sharing one of your social networking blunders, and thanks to everyone else who shared their social media horror stories via Twitter and LinkedIn, too.

Weekly Reading… and We’re Off!

We’re coming to the end of our last full day in London, and it’s been action-packed right up until the end. Evan’s been busy finishing up Hellboy II — go see it in the U.S. July 11 and in the UK August 20 (or July 13 at Somerset House) — and I’ve been busy redesigning the Write-Communications site (with help from a great Revolution theme and lots of WordPress plugins), doing work for Workology and still trying to get a bit of writing done.

The weekly list:

On our trip we should be making occasional updates to Twitter (me/Evan), Facebook, this blog and Evan’s photo site, so stay tuned. Now off to do some more packing — we head to Egypt tomorrow!

Weekly Reading: Keyboards, Cars and Kew

It’s been another busy week and my good friend from college Shayne just got into town today. To cut to the chase, your reading for the week from Londonist and

Weekly Reading: Articles, Blogs, Gossip

Well, it’s been a busy week of writing. Actually I guess things really started getting busy last week with the work I started doing at the new UK teen site Sugarscape. If you’re interested in what I’ve been doing over there, you can see all my posts on my profile there. This week alone, I covered celeb drunk driving, YouTube cover artists, a new band, new movies, Emma Watson and Joss Stone’s fashion, and a whole bunch more.

Expand Your Ad EmpireI also wrote an article about new advertising technologies, called Expand Your Ad Empire. I got to talk to some innovative entrepreneurs — one who I even found through a comment on my blog — and learned a lot about new ways and places people are advertising.

And as usual, I posted for Londonist. I started feeling like their animal correspondent after realizing I’d written about dogs, birds, deer, camels (well, a fake one), and then doing two animal stories this week. The non-animals posts should be interesting, too.

I also need to work on my bio for the Londonist staff page. While the words tend to flow pretty freely when I’m writing about traveling, business, news and everything else I’ve been spouting off about, I seem to be at a block when it comes to myself. I’ve written quite a few drafts, but can’t seem to settle on one. I either worry that I’m not as funny as the other contributors, sound to American/Canadian/not British, or am a just a totally fake Londoner since I’m only here for six months. Anyway, if anyone wants to ghostwrite my bio for me, feel free to send in a version.

Weekly Reading List: and Londonist

Secrets of Superstar EmployersPlenty of more articles and posts published this week. First, there’s my latest article, “Secrets of Superstar Employers.” I interviewed 6 awesome entrepreneurs about how they keep their employees around for long stretches of time. Perks ranged from “microbrew Fridays” to kayaks at the office to offering personal loans to employees who’ve had trouble with the sub-prime meltdown.

And for my Londonist posts this week:

The first two are depressing. The third is quite funny. The last is interesting if you’re into eyeball stuff.

More Reading: New Entreprener Article and Lonodnist Posts

slashingstudentcosts.jpgLots of stories posting this week!

One that I would recommend reading is “Slashing Student Costs” about, an exciting new company with a 26-year-old CEO that rents college textbooks (though you don’t have to be in college to rent and the company does stock some normal books). I originally found Colin, the CEO, when I was doing some research for the article I did on former Google employees who started businesses, though I didn’t write about him then. I was happy to reconnect, though, and we had a long conversation about college, textbooks, entrepreneurship and more. This is one of those companies that has an incredibly simple base idea, makes a lot of sense — the first thing I said when I learned about it was, “I wish this was around when I was in college” — and should go far.

Plus, some new Londonist posts: “Harrow Council Knows When You’re Lying” and “New Chair to Curb Classroom Dangers/Class Clowns.”

New Articles on and Hitched

Two more articles up this week: One on about new billing/payment trends, which ended up being much more interesting than it sounds. Well, at least the interviews were. I got to talk to people at four different alternative billing companies — Bill Me Later, eBillme, Revolution Money and BSG Clearing Solutions — and hear about the new ways they’re letting customers pay retailers. It was a great education in shopping carts and alternative credit systems that I never expected to get. I wish I could have written more about each of the companies. If you’re interested, check out “New Ways to Pay.”

The Hitched article is one Valentine’s Day — what happens when one partner is more into the holiday than the other. I interviewed NYC-based psychologist Diana Kirschner, and was helped out by a connection from the payment article — Bill Me Later had just done a survey on Valentine’s day spending and disputes. If you’re interested in this one, check out “Valentine’s Day Dispute.”