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Britishism: Bap


Well, I didn’t know what a bap was when I first heard the word, though it really hearkened back to a very awesomely bad movie, B.A.P.S (p.s. my illustration is off — for some reason, I thought there were 3 main characters, not 2 — that’s what I get for drawing before IMDb-ing). Turns out that a bap is essentially a bun, and the term burger in a bap is quite common, as well as other baptastic foods, like sausage in a bap, which we saw at breakfast. But would “Think outside the bap” work as well for Taco Bell as “Think outside the bun”? It just doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

Britishism: Rocket vs. Rocket

Rocket vs. Rocket

I sort of forgot this one since I got used to everyone in Budapest calling arugula rocket. They didn’t understand what we didn’t get in the translation, of course. But I think rocket is a much more exciting and less pretentious name for the fancy lettuce.

Coffee, Church and Counseling?

St. James Piccadilly Wailing Woman StatueI often walk by St. James Piccadilly church and have even wandered through its touristy market out front once, but I always wanted to go draw one of the statues there outside the Nero coffee shop (which is basically in the church), so I stopped there again late last week. I grabbed a baguette and a latte, both quite good, and sat down on a park bench in the courtyard by the green drop-in counseling trailer (I know, bizarre). I couldn’t see the statue there, so I moved to a table to get a better look and had a leisurely draw until some guy sat right in between me and the statue, partially obscuring my view. He was leaning over reading a newspaper most of the time, though, so I ended up being able to see pretty well. I think the drawing and everything turned out pretty well, too. St. James Piccadilly

Britishism: Pitta

Pita, Pitta, Peter

At first glance, you think, well, pitta’s just pita with an extra T. The big difference, though, lies in how it’s pronounced.

Ask a Londoner if they use the word pita (pronounced peet-a), and they say, “Of course!” But then, when you say, “like for the bread,” they’ll look confused and say, “No, like the name.” They’re thinking of Peter.

They, they’ll say, “Oh, you mean pitta bread?” pronouncing it pit-a.

I think why I’m so amused by this is that I’ve asked quite a few Londoners and have gotten the exact same mix-ups and responses every time. It was completely unexpected the first time, and the second time it was just funny.

Britishism: Potholing


This was another new one for me. Apparently potholing means going exploring in caves. I had no idea. Good thing I asked, since that’s much more exciting than the image in my head.

Movie Review: Sweeney Todd

Sweeney Todd Cartoon

I saw Sweeney Todd for the second time last weekend (I saw it in the U.S. when it came out there at the end of December), and I must say, I liked it more the second time around. I enjoyed it the first time, but I found myself too caught up in all the spurting blood and dead bodies and cannibalism, so I couldn’t really enjoy it. I was just waiting anxiously for the next kill.

I still think that Anthony is the weakest part, but Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter are great. As are Sascha Baron Cohen and the little boy. The fantasy sequences are my favorite. Especially when they go to the seaside. Sometimes funny and always excessive, whether it’s the masses of blood, showmanship or singing, I’ve been humming the tunes all week now.

Sketchbook: Horse Guards Parade from St. James Lake

To make up for my terribly inaccurate drawing of Horse Guards Parade from St. James Lake, I went back on Tuesday and drew it for real. From my spot, I couldn’t see the whole thing, and it was partially obscured by trees. And I also had a lot of people walking in front of me and stopping to take pictures of various attractions and feed the birds (though none so dramatically as on my last trip to the park), which was a bit frustrating. I also think I need to buy a new pencil sharpener. Mine seems to have stopped working.

In any case, enough with the excuses. Here is the much more accurate drawing, though it could still use some work. And definitely the touch of a better-sharpened pencil. Oh, and it was cold when I was drawing, too.

Horse Guards Parade and St. James Lake