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Becoming a Regular Customer Has Its Benefits

Brasserie Al HamraToday, on my usual afternoon outing to grab some coffee or tea, possibly some food and some time away from my flat, I headed to one of my now-regular haunts, Brasserie Al Hamra. I’ve written about the place a few times before, since it’s a nice, comfortable place to sit and read or work, or just watch the news.

I always get a friendly hello from the people who work there, and of course give a friendly hello back. They know where I like to sit — today people were sitting at my usual table when I got in, but after they left and the table was cleaned, I was offered the seat. I was more than happy to make the switch. They also know what I like to order. The first many times I went there, I was on a cappuccino kick, but lately I’ve been going for mint tea.

About 30 minutes after I switched seats today, when I was deep into a Believer article, the younger waiter came over with a croissant and said it was on the house since I’m in so often. Sweet! Of course, I thanked him and the manager profusely, then ordered another pot of tea.

Anyway, it’s nice to have people remember me in this new city, and I’m glad I found a small, nice place where I could feel comfortable and welcomed. If only they had free WiFi there, it would be absolutely perfect.