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Britishism: Jacket Potato

Britishism: Jacket Potato

Jacket potato = baked potato

I just said potato when I ordered one the other day since there was only one potato option on the menu.

Britishism: Bits

OJ with BitsI think the drawing says it all. Bits = Pulp.

Now the question is, which is the more appetizing word? Pulp, for me, at least, is more clear about what it entails and is a much more specific word than bits. I feel like bits can be sort of anything, though it is a cuter sounding word.

Your thoughts?

Britishism: Zed


Now, it’s no surprise to me that the Brits say Zed. I mean, I was taught the alphabet X-Y-Zed growing up in Canada, but Americanized me had to get used to saying Zee, which was still acceptable in Canada. I remember them being interchangeable as a kid, really. So when giving my name here for the first time and having to spell it out, I was caught a little off guard when it was read back to me as K-I-Zed. I should have known. Or at least been prepared.