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Friday at Borough Market

Friday I went to Borough Market to have some coffee with a new London friend I met on Twitter. It’s finally good to start meeting some people in this city and it was great to explore a new neighborhood.

Borough Market was lots of fun — lots of food, flowers and people — and there are lots of interesting sights nearby that I’ll have to go back to see again, including a replica of Sir Francis Drake’s pirate ship and a nice old church. The market is also right by London Bridge, which is probably the least remarkable bridge in the whole city, but apparently it’s the first site where there was a bridge across the Thames. It also has a view of St. Paul’s Cathedral, which is on the list of things to see — especially after Laura told me how scary going up to the top can be!

Friday was just a start to a fun weekend of sightseeing, so lots more posts and pictures to come.