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Weekly Reading: Another Short List for Another Short Week

Well, coming back from Barcelona on Tuesday, it was a short week, though one full of work. The Londonist posts for the week:

  • Starling Numbers Still Slipping: Lots of Londoners participate in a garden bird survey, and the numbers show even fewer Starlings than ever before, though they’re still London’s most populous garden bird.

Weekly Reading: A Short List for a Short Week

Happy Friday, everyone. And even happier in London where everyone has Good Friday off, which also means a four-day weekend, since Monday is a holiday, too. Because of my traveling last weekend and today off, I only have three Londonist posts to share, though I did have a Hitched article from earlier in the week, if you’d like to check that out, too.

  • Cannabis Cop Faces Charges: This story is exactly what you think it is — a cop stealing pot from the evidence locker.
  • Posh Handbag Pincher Brought to Justice: A moped gang (yes, apparently moped gangs exist in England) have been smashing windows and stealing designer purses.
  • Cling Film Arsonists Get Off With Drunk Defence : These two twentysomethings are thanking their lucky stars that they got off with only a light fine and community service after wrapping 5 cars in cling film then lighting them on fire when they were drunk. Their defense? They were too drunk to remember. (Oh, and for my American readers concerned with spelling, defense is spelled defence here.)

Later today, I’m off to Barcelona for the weekend. See you Tuesday!

Weekly Reading: Londonist Posts

Bactrian Camels at the Budapest ZooAs you read this (well, if you’re reading this when I posted it) I’m on my way to New York. I’ll likely be offline for the weekend, but I’ll be back in London Monday and I’m sure I’ll have plenty to report.

But as is current Friday custom around here, check out my Londonist posts for this week:

  • Bactrian Burglars in Bishopsgate: Have you seen Brian the camel?
  • Richmond Park Cull: No Other Option? A new cause for London’s animal lovers — save the deer!
  • Lewisham is Seeing Spots: Measles outbreak due to low vaccination rates.
  • Grape Case Quashed: A man pulls a silly suit on Marks & Spencer and loses.
  • Lessons Learned: Melt Chocolate Master Class: More on the chocolate class from Wednesday, plus the recipe for the chocolate martini. (This link may not work as I couldn’t check it, since it hadn’t been posted when I wrote this post. It should work, but if it doesn’t, you may have to scroll through or just wait for me to post the right link later. Sorry if it causes any trouble.)

Photo of a Bactrian camel from the Budapest Zoo, July 2007. Brian looks substantially different, but it’s the closest thing I have.

New Hitched Article: The Family Blog

Family BlogI’m very excited about my new Hitched article, just published today, called “The Family Blog.” It’s all about how personal blogging can help you stay connected with family and friends and create an evolving keepsake for your family.

Though it focuses more on the technical, how-to aspects of setting up a blog, I wish I could have injected more of my own experience into the story — things like how my parents and grandparents read the blog whenever I post (hi guys!), or how even though a lot of you reading (most of you reading, really) won’t leave comments, you will tell me that you’ve been keeping up with my adventures through other means.

I must say, though: Leave comments. Say hello. I want to hear what you’ve been up to as well. And I like to know you’ve come to visit my little sliver of the web.

While it’s fun to keep this blog as a bit of a travelogue for myself — and it is handy for remembering what I’ve been up to and when — I write for you, to let you in to what I’m doing. I never would have even started this blog project if it weren’t for everyone asking if I would be keeping a blog while I was traveling.

Also, if you’re interested in blogging, let me know if I can help you set something up. I’m happy to do it.

A Week of Londonist Posts

Well, I haven’t been posting here much this week, but I have been writing on Londonist. Check out my latest blogs:

My parents are leaving tomorrow, so I’m off for one last afternoon of sightseeing and one more dinner. Then blogging should be back to normal, with lots of pictures, drawings and my usual inane commentary.

More Londonist Posts: Tracking the Tube

I’ve done two more posts for Londonist, which has been lots of fun so far. I’m working on sounding more British and trying to remember my extraneous U’s and such. It’s a work in progress.

The two posts are both about the tube, though quite different. Today I wrote about a man who scammed the London Underground out of £5,000 in “Tube Scammer Complains His Way To Conviction.” I also learned that you can get a refund if you’re delayed more than 15 minutes on your journey, which is always good to know. And yesterday, I wrote about underground improvement works in “Sick of Taking the Stairs?” Apparently more stations will be getting stair-free access. That would have been amazing on my first two days here where I lugged my 70-pound bag up and down way too many flights of stairs. At least people pitied me and helped out on occasion.

More Writing News: My First Post on Londonist

puppyI had the good fortune of meeting some of the Londonist crew at the Blogger Meetup at the end of January, and I’ll be doing some posts on there while I’m in town. Today, I wrote my first item: “Fuzzy Friday News: Pups Are Musical Snobs.” I’m planning on doing some food writing too, as it’s become a near-obsession on this blog. Thanks Chris, Lindsey, Hazel and everyone else I met at the Meetup.

Image courtesy of It’s Greg’s Flickrstream.