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The Porcupine Dance

The Porcupine Dance

My first time playing around with The dancing porcupine we saw in Minnesota last year. This little guy was trying to intimidate us for a good fifteen minutes or more with this impressive dance. Rawr.

Updates and Changes

I know I’ve neglected this blog a bit. For a long time I wrote weekly if not more, but lately it’s beginning to look like more of a monthly project. I’d like to change that, and I’d also like to get back to writing about a more diverse set of topics.

When I started this blog in November 2007, it was about travels, living in new countries and lots of exciting first-time experiences. Now that I’ve been back in the U.S. for more than a year and a half, plugging away at my freelance work and doing the usual things with my usual friends week in and week out, I haven’t been as inspired to share as much, but that’s not to say there isn’t much to share.

If you’ve been following my posts, you’ll know that I’ve been cooking a lot lately, and I must say that only a small fraction of what I make even makes it on here, mostly because I don’t always take photos. Just recently I’ve made spanakopita, multiple pizzas, multiple types of bagels, rye bread, multiple types of veggie burgers and much more.

I’ve also been doing some interesting things, like going to plays, watching new movies and spending an interesting day on jury duty. And I’ve still been going to Tuttle LA every other week.

Most recently, I’ve decided to make a very conscious effort to start exercising more and live a healthier life. It’s been difficult for me to stick to any regular exercise plan since I’ve been freelancing, and though I’ve gone through some different health kicks for short periods, I’m ready to truly start trying out more options to find what will really work for me in the long term. So far, I’ve been to yoga, step aerobics and other 24 Hour Fitness classes, Evan and I have been playing ultimate frisbee in a pick-up game in Will Rogers Park, and I’ve been running in the park near our place a bit.

And after taking a quarter off from taking classes (everything I wanted to take was full), I’m looking to sign up for another one or two starting in June so I can continue to improve my design skills and can encourage myself to do new things.

I have a lot of other plans, so watch this blog because I’ll be posting more in the very near future.

Cutest Donut Ever?

Last week, we had our friend Ceres over for dinner and she was dog-sitting for another friend’s dog, Donut, who also came over. Evan took some nice shots of the 8-year-old rescue beagle our friends just adopted, and it was wonderful to have a dog around, even if just for a little while.

Dinner was also quite a success — not as involved as the veggie burgers, but a delicious eggplant and olive salad, and a butternut squash and spinach pasta. Both were quite quick and easy and very tasty. And Ceres brought some cupcakes from Dots for dessert. Yum!

All the photos were of donut, not the food, but if you’d like recipes without the pretty pictures, let me know.

Someone Once Told Me “I’m a Nose Man”

Back in October, I was asked to participate in an online photography and storytelling project called Someone Once Told Me, started by Mario Cacciottolo. He showed up at the Coach and Horses for Tuttle Club on the one day of my trip to London I was able to make it, and he asked just about everyone in the room to write someone someone once told them on a piece of paper and then to hold that up for the camera.

Check out the photo on SOTM as well as my audio commentary

Some people put down serious words of wisdom. I, for some reason, immediately thought of one of the most bizarre things someone had told me: “I’m a nose man.” Now, I’ve always been self-conscious about my nose, as I’ve been teased about it and told it was big since I was a kid, so to have a strange older man approach me in a bar and tell me that he loved my nose and that he was a nose man threw me off quite a bit. I had no interest in this stranger, but the strangeness of his comment stuck with me.

I believe on his second shot at picking me up, he came on even stronger and that “That’s a nose I could settle down with”! Whoa, buddy, we were at a cheesy karaoke bar in Newport Beach. Not a time for grand nose-themed gestures.

I must say, though, I’m honored to be part of the project, and excited to finally see my photo up on the site. I think it turned out quite well.

Web on the Wii

Today we finally set up our Wii to connect to the internet — we weren’t able to in London for some reason — and of course we checked out France to Go to see how it would look on the new TV. Check it out:

We’re still working on getting settled into our new place, but thigs are coming along nicely. We have nearly everything we need, save for a couch/futon for Evan’s office and somewhere to put our DVDs, and we still need to hang our pictures on the walls. I think that’s what’ll really make it feel like home.

A Word Cloud for our Trip

As the days leading up to our departure date tick by, I’m getting more and more excited to head off and start exploring. Today, I found a fun tool called Wordle that’ll create fun tag clouds from text, so I put in some info for our trip. I don’t like how it wouldn’t take groups of words, leading to some uncomfortable splits like “dead” and “sea” being two separate entries, but I had lots of fun playing with fonts, colors and layouts and seeing what it would generate.

vacation word cloud

Planes, Motorcades and a Dude in a Dress

fighter jets over london
Fighter jets flying over Buckingham Palace

It’s been a busy weekend in London. Yesterday was the Queen’s official birthday, and though I didn’t go to see the “Trooping of the Colour,” I did happen to see a lot of horses walking down Grosvenor St. and then was quite shocked to see an air-show worthy fly-by by lots of military jets — including fighter jets flying in formation, giant bombers lots of other gray air behemoths — passing right over Buckingham Palace.

A few hours later, I was walking home and as I passed by Hyde Park Corner, I had to stop to let a police escort whisk a royal motorcade into the park — there were crowns on all the black cars, though only one had the crown right on the top, where a taxi’s sign would be. It may have been the queen, though I didn’t really get a good look into any of the cars.

Apparently Pres Bush is also in town right now, staying by us at the Dorchester, and we saw what we believed was his motorcade, with even more police escorts than the royal one I saw yesterday, coming down Piccadilly tonight. We also saw a man in a dress. Well, more a skirt and top, actually, which, you know, wasn’t necessarily that notable. But about a minute later, we passed by a man with a thick Southern accent who said in a bewildered voice, “I don’t know what was more exciting tonight, seeing President Bush or seeing the dude in the dress”!

I also saw an old man wearing pink bunny ears and smoking a cigarette on Marylebone High Street this afternoon (LJ, where’s the photo?), so it’s been a bit of an odd weekend — though fun — to say the least.