E and F Get Married

Just Married bride and groom under the chuppah

In December, Evan and I got married!

We planned our wedding in about five months, and it was every bit the magical experience we had hoped to have. We took a very hands-on approach, from hand-letterpressing our invitations and writing our own ceremony to making paper lantern programs for our guests and decorating our own wedding cake. More details to come soon on, well, the details. For now, here’s a little look at the big day.

You can check out the newly updated EandFgetmarried.com for lots more photos, info on our awesome vendors and more.

And don’t forget to watch the best wedding video ever, courtesy of my extraordinarily talented husband.

3 Responses to “E and F Get Married”

  1. Kelvin Kao says:

    Very hands on indeed. Congrats to you both!

  2. Andrea Olson says:

    What a magical day! I love the website, the video, and especially the cards that represented your relationship. Big fan of the DIY wedding touches. Hope 2013 is going well for yall.

  3. Francine says:

    Thanks, Kelvin and Andrea!

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