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A Trip to Syracuse

Sculpture at Stone Quarry Art Park

A Sculpture at Stone Quarry Art Park, Cazenovia

At the beginning of the month, Evan and I went to Syracuse to spend time with his family. It was an absolutely wonderful trip — and the perfect time of year to make it. We went to Treman state park, Ithaca, Green Lakes State Park, the Stone Quarry Art Park, and Rochester to visit a friend and her new baby. We saw lots of wildlife and plants, the Erie Canal and ate lots of good food. Check out my iPhone photos from the site in the Flickr slideshow below, or check out Evan’s photos from his nice camera.

A Beautiful Day at the Huntington

Sunday, after an incredible night in Pasadena celebrating our friends’ wedding at the gorgeous Langham hotel where we danced, took a ton of silly photobooth photos, invaded the lobby/sitting room and spent the night sharing a room with some friends, we decided to take advantage of our location. I’d wanted to go to the Huntington for a while, and we hadn’t made the time to head out there, so since we were already in the neighborhood, we decided to head on over.

The admission price was pretty steep — $20 each — and there weren’t any hats on sale at the gift shop, so we were worried we’d get horribly sunburned, but we decided to go anyway, and I’m very glad we did!

Huntington Cactus Garden

We started with a walk through the expansive cactus garden. I could not believe how many different types of desert plans lined the walkways and went as far back as I could see. It was like we were in a Dr. Seuss book, with all the fun, bulbous shapes and twisted trunks around us.

Huntinging Cactus Garden

Then we went to the lily pond and sat in the shade, watching the ducks and red dragonflies chase each other around. It was incredible to see somewhere in LA so full of life and beauty.

Huntington Rose Garden

Then we walked through the jungle area, up to the rose garden, and then on to the serene Japanese gardens with their koi pond, bridges and delicate plants.

Japanese Gardens and the Huntington

We also went into the conservatory to see the tropical gardens, and we saw the corpse flower, though it hadn’t started to bloom yet and didn’t smell at all.

We didn’t go into any of the museum buildings, and we didn’t make it all the way to the some of the farther gardens. We’ll definitely have to go back to see more — and we’ll have to bring the good camera!

Check out more of my photos on Flickr (all taken on my iPhone).