France To Go Has a Brand-New Look

I’d been meaning to redesign my blog for quite a while, but kept putting it off. Finally, though, work has slowed down a bit, I’m not taking any classes this quarter, and I’ve had some time to focus on creating something new. After playing around with a lot of different ideas I finally went with one that plays off of a class assignment I did a while back for a Photoshop class — a Parke Harrison-style image that I used to illustrate an article called “Have Work, Will Travel.”

Unfortunately, the photo isn’t of me, it’s my friend Guiselle, but I took the photo, edited the images, and then translated all that into this blog design. I also decided to simplify pretty much everything — I made all the posts fully visible from the home page, I consolidated many categories, and I cleared the clutter from my sidebar to focus on the most important information. Since a lot of the pages are longer than they used to be, I’ve put in a handy little “up” button on the left so you can get back to the top of the page easily. I’ve also added a lightbox, so if you click to enlarge an image, it will open in an overlay on the page.

I’ve also updated my site’s mobile theme to include image thumbnails for the posts, an iPhone icon, and a look more in line with this new design.

So let me know what you think — I’d love your feedback.

Here’s a look at the past looks of France to go…

The Very First France to Go Design

The Very First France to Go Design

France to go previous design

The Second France to Go design

"Have Work, Will Travel" ParkeHarrison-Style Illustration

My inspiration for the new design

Next up: Redesigning

3 Responses to “France To Go Has a Brand-New Look”

  1. Maryn says:

    Personally, I love being able to read the whole posts without switching screens – of course if they are really really long then I understand the need :) – so I really like this format!

  2. Francine says:

    Thanks! I like it better, too — I always hate having to keep clicking and then losing the feeling of the real chronology of the posts. And since the pages are longer now, I put in that “up” button that follows along on the left side of the screen so you can at least get back to the top.

  3. ronna says:

    I definitely like the new look. It is very classy, sleek and well organized.
    Good job, France.

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