Chocolate Mousse from the ‘Alien’ Cookbook

“Oh, look Mummy! CHOCOLATE MOUSSE!”

I got a cookbook called “Debbie Learns to Cook” when I was quite young. It’s a combination storybook and cookbook with some rather funny illustrations of a family with rather large, alien-like foreheads. So of course, what did we call this book while I was growing up, but The Alien Cookbook. As far as I can tell, the book is out of print and pretty well unavailable except for a few used copies.

The only recipe we ever made out of the cookbook was pancakes, and they were truly great pancakes — always light and fluffy. My mom had written in cup and tablespoon measurements next to the measurements in the book, which were all in grams. There were a few other recipes in there, too — for mayonnaise, candy apples and chocolate mousse.

When at my parents’ house recently, my mother pulled the book out and decided that I should take it home with me. I was happy to have this little piece of nostalgia — and the secret to delicious pancakes — and a few days later when Evan and I were hankering for some dessert, I decided to make the simple chocolate mousse.

chocolate mousse recipe

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I only made one serving, which we both shared, and it turned out very rich, but quite delicious. It could have used a little more sugar for my taste, and maybe a splash of a liqueur or vanilla to cut richness a little, but the texture was good, and it came together quickly.

I’m glad to have my first cookbook back!

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  1. Ronna says:

    That Alien Cookbook sure has some good recipes. I am glad I found it and gave it to you so you can enjoy it. It brings back some fond memories.
    Time to make some of those delicious pancakes.

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