Photoshop Final: Reworking the Towards Darkness Poster

towards darkness poster

For my Photoshop class final, I had to create a movie poster, real or fictional. If it was for a real movie, I had to make sure it was entirely original. The project was supposed to show a range of techniques we learned in the class.

I chose to rework the Towards Darkness poster — the film Evan edited a few years ago. I used images that I got off IMDb and the film’s site, as well as a few other images for textures. I then created a number of different layer masks to remove the images’ backgrounds, used lighting effects to bring out more detail and make the piece feel more coherent, created a custom textured background with layered images and lighting effects, and added text with various text effects to the poster.

I spent a lot of time playing around with the poster, and though I was working with a really limited number of images, I think I captured some of the essence of the film and created an interesting poster.

I really enjoyed learning more about Photoshop. Even though I was already using it daily, I learned many different ways to improve my workflow, create more sophisticated effects and manage my images more efficiently. I’m trying to decide what classes to sign up for this next quarter (starting in a week or so), and Photoshop II is high on the list of what I’d like to take. And if not this quarter, I’ll certainly take it sometime soon.

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