Illustrator Class: My Posterized Murray Poster

Our last Adobe Illustrator class assignment was creating a “posterized” poster — a stylized version of a photo that combines areas with similar tones to create a more graphic effect. We had to achieve the postrized look using the pen and pencil tool, and we could also use the live trace tool. We also had to add a title to the image.

The original photo

The original photo (scanned in a while back)

I chose a photo of Murray that I took back when he was a puppy, which was always one of my favorite photos of him. I ended up tracing him with the pencil tool, then using live trace for the flowers and grass, though then I duplicated some flowers to fill in the empty areas. I also create a color palette from the original photo, since when I posterized the image in Photoshop and when I did the live trace, the colors got sort of weird, with Murray getting very pink.

The posterized image

The posterized image (click for a closer view)

I decided to enlarge Murray and put the photo in a frame with words around it, similar to how it’s displayed at my parent’s house. I also tested out using some different effects, like drop shadows to give it more depth.

3 Responses to “Illustrator Class: My Posterized Murray Poster”

  1. mom says:

    I loved the posterized picture of Murray. It really is a great photo of him, and I am glad you chose it for your project. Thank you.

  2. Suzie says:

    Looks so cool! way to make mom cry…

  3. Francine says:

    Did she really cry? (OK, I sort of thought she might). I tried to warn her… but she wouldn’t look at the post on the phone when I was talking to her last night

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