A Night of Funny People

Last night, Evan and I went out to the Orpheum to watch a comedy show/film taping for Judd Apatow’s new movie, “Funny People.”

Getting into the theater was pretty disorganized — we had to bring out cell phones back to the car since they weren’t allowing any in, then we had to wait in long, gender-specific lines to be searched and wanded before going into the theater. The girls’ line was mercifully short and I sat in my seat at least ten or fifteen minutes before Evan came in.

The show started pretty late because of all the door drama, and David Spade opened the show. He was followed by Adam Sandler, performing in character as George Simmons, and Seth Rogen, performing in character as Ira.

After the movie’s headliners were through, though, the real fun started, with a performance by Sarah Silverman, who managed to spill Red Bull all over her joke list. She told some jokes I’d heard already, but her bit was great. She also performed a few songs, which were my favorite part of her act.

By far the most surprising and ridiculous act of the night was Aziz Ansari as Randy — or should I say Raaaaaaaandy (“Randy, with 8 A’s”) — another bit shot for the film. He was completely over the top, dancing around the stage and being backed up by a DJ who would add on to his punchlines. He was totally self-obsessed and told jokes that from anyone else wouldn’t be funny, but his gimmicky choreographed bit was the evening’s highlight.

The show closed with a set from Patton Oswalt, who I really like. I saw him do standup for the first time at the Irvine Improv a few years ago and thought he was hilarious. I hadn’t seen him perform since then, though, so all his material was new to me, and he had some great jokes.

The evening ran a bit long, but overall, we had a lot of laughs and it ended strong. Afterwards, we grabbed a late dinner at Lola’s (the kitchen’s open until 1 am!).

Maybe we’ll see ourselves in the movie when it comes out this summer, though that’s very unlikely — we were in the balcony, many rows back and we both looked directly at the camera at least once when it came by us.

2 Responses to “A Night of Funny People”

  1. Pretty Lush says:

    I was there too. Did you see the ‘Conan – He gets the smell out!’ bit during the Superbowl?
    I didn’t know Raaaaaaaandy (haha!) was being filmed for the movie too.

  2. Francine says:

    I was so distracted during the Super Bowl that I don’t remember that one. Raaaaaaaandy was super funny though :)

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