Christmas With the Kanes

I don’t usually have much to do on Christmas. This year I was planning on doing some work and cleaning my apartment. Thrilling, I know. Evan’s out of town and my family doesn’t celebrate the holiday, so I hadn’t planned on the day being any different from any other weekday. But I ended up with an invite to spend the day with one of my best friends’ families, playing games, eating tons of food, and feeling like part of the family. Thanks, Kacie!

We played a trivia game called Fact or Crap, which I wasn’t terribly good at–I wasn’t usually fast enough to judge whether a statement was true or false, and I often had to guess. It was quite a bit of fun, though we wished the game would actually give us the real answer instead of just saying what we read was “crap.”

We ate tons of food, of course–from cheese dip and olive spread appetizers to a delicious salad, cheesy potatoes, roasted vegetables, ham (which I can’t really comment on since I didn’t eat), as well as pie, See’s Candy chocolates and homemade caramels. There was a fire going in the fireplace all night, and they’d occasionally throw in pine cones which made the house smell even more festive.

After dinner, we played a dice game called Left, Right or Center, where everyone at the table was competing to be the last one with coins in front of them to win $20. Every time you roll the dice, you risk losing your coins to the person on your left, the person on the right or the center pot. If you’re lucky, you get to keep them–or your neighbor passes you one so you can stay in the game. The first round went to Kacie’s grandfather. He said he didn’t want the money and that we should play again. So we did, but he won again.

It was great to have something fun to do for Christmas other than sit at home and mope about all my friends being occupied with their families. Thanks again, Kace and crew, for making me feel like a party of your family.

You can check out a few more photos from my Christmas with the Kanes in my Facebook album.

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