Have Extra Cream? Make Butter!

I was having a slow night tonight. Evan’s out of town, as are a lot of other friends, and I was just relaxing at home along. I started perusing my Google Reader items, and came across a post on Lifehacker that caught my eye: Make Your Own Homemade Butter. It didn’t give instructions, but I was intrigued, so I followed their link to Slashfood, then looked up some more detailed instructions on Instructables. The project was perfect for me–I even had leftover cream from some soup I made that only needed a quarter of a cup, so I pulled out the blender and got to work.

All I needed was the cream–I had half to three-quarters of a cup; a mixer (apparently a stand mixer makes it go faster, but I only have a hand mixer); a spatula; and some very cold water (not pictured, but I put some ice in my Brita). I also used a bit of sea salt to flavor the butter at the end. Check out how pretty the butter turned out!

To start, beat the cream for about 10 minutes. It will start to get foamy, turn into whipped cream, and then start to thicken even more. Then, it will start to separate into buttery bits and buttermilk. You want to make sure the buttery bits are nice and thick, and the buttermilk quite watery, then just use the spatula to gather the butter bits into a blob and pour off the buttermilk.You can save it and use it for cooking apparently (I didn’t since I don’t think I’d use it right now).

It will look sort of chunky, and it will need to be cleaned with some cold water. Pour a bit of water into the bowl, and beat the butter on low with the mixer for 10 or so seconds. Gather the butter together in the bowl and pour off the water. Repeat this cleaning process until the water doesn’t get cloudy when beaten. It took me 3 times.

Then just take your butter, pack it all together, and mix in some salt if you’d like. Put it in a dish, a mold, a jar… however you’d like to keep it, and enjoy! I tried mine out on some toast. And I even found a real butter knife. Buttery!

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