A Very Hollywood Night: Andy Clockwise at Bardot

After the USC-Notre Dame game, we went to dinner then changed into some nicer clothes to head out to Hollywood. Though we don’t live too far, we don’t head over there often — especially not on a Saturday night, but we’re glad we ventured out this time.

First we met my sister Suzie and her boyfriend Danny at Big Wangs, the ultimate anti-Hollywood bar. The place feels like a college-town sports bar on game night, full of people drinking giant pitchers of beer and eating high-piled plates of chicken wings and cheese fries.

Then, around midnight, we headed over to Bardot, upstairs from The Avalon. Our friend Andrew had invited us to see Andy Clockwise play. We had some trouble finding the entrance, since there was no line and no bouncer visible, but the doorman finally showed up and we told him who we were there to see, and he let us in no problem.

Andy Clockwise, courtesy of the band’s MySpace Page

We walked up a flight of stairs and arrived at the luxe patio. There was draped fabric overhead providing an awning, neat architectural details like arched doorways, and pretty globe light fixtures lining the walls. It wasn’t too crowded and there were plenty of couches to sit on, and the DJ was playing an eclectic mix of indie and old-school songs.

We hung out for a bit, meeting some of Andrew’s friends and people-watching — there were some really intriguing fashion statements going on. We saw a girl wearing a fur hat, another one wearing a wool winter hat with ear flaps, and a rather startling number of men dressed as nerds, with suspenders and giant plastic glasses. We also saw Harland Williams — he walked by me and said something like “Pardon me darling” as he made his way to the bar — and one of the Pussycat Dolls (don’t ask me which one).

The three-person band finally went on at about 12:30, and they were great. We couldn’t hear the lyrics as well as we would have liked because the drums were a bit overpowering (we were standing right next to them), but the songs were really catchy and the lyrics we heard were inventive and funny. My favorite songs were one about open relationships where the drummer, Stella, got up and sang a hilarious relationship-drama duet with Andy, and one I believe was called “Let Them Eat Cake” about dance-floor divisions.

There were plenty of other great songs, and I laughed every time Andy introducing his songs by announcing they’d be performing “The Rose” by Bette Middler or “Freebird.” The charismatic frontman also went into the crowd during some songs, climbing up on the small balcony across from where he was performing and up on the couches, too. I nearly got caught up in the cord for his microphone.

The band played for about an hour, and our ears were ringing when they were done. We finally left a bit after two. It was a great night.

Check out an Andy Clockwise performance from another show (there was no keyboard player at Saturday’s show, and there were no photos/videos that I know of).

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