Weekly Reading: AllBusiness and Alimi Ballard

It’s been a while since I’ve done a weekly reading post since I haven’t had too much of my work published lately (don’t worry, I’ve still been working, but I’ve had more print assignments than usual, so they won’t come out until January or February). In any case, I’ve had two articles published recently:

Candid 7 with Alimi Ballard: I interviewed the Numb3rs star about his growing family, doing his own stunts and balancing work and family time. Alimi was a great interview — very friendly and warm, and lots of fun to talk to.

Engaging Customers With Microsoft Surface: I take a look at the coolest new multitouch computer and what it means for business. By the way, I want one of these. And seeing it on CNN’s election coverage only makes me want it more.

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