Tuesday Night London Blogger Meetup

I finally made it to another one of Andy Bargery‘s blogger meetup — this time at the Coach & Horses — and had a nice evening catching up with Londonist folks, seeing some people I hadn’t seen in a while and meeting a few new ones, too. I worry that since I know some people at the events now, I don’t spend as much time mingling as I should. It’s always nice to catch up with people, but I need to find a balance between meeting new people and spending time with the people who I only really see at events like this.

The best moment of the night was when I was chatting with TikiChris, the food and drink editor for Londonist, and meeting a new Chris, who said, “I just emailed with someone from Londonist… Francine…”! Of course, I told him that it was me and introduced myself. He works for is doing some work for Lactofree, and had found my blog and emailed me about my Lactofree posts, and we’d been exchanging emails just a few days earlier. We had a good chat about lactose and food allergies, and he said some new Lactofree products are in the works.

I was happy to see M@, Dave and TikiChris from Londonist, Siany, Annie Mole, Tim, Peter, Andy Roberts, and Melinda. And it was nice to meet some new people like Chris, Tom and Jaz. I also met Malcolm, who blogs about breakfast, so I had to do a bit of ranting about how I haven’t actually found a very good breakfast here yet. He says Americans just don’t like British breakfasts (I could agree to that). I did get some good recommendations, though, and I’ll be trying some out — top of my list is the Wolesley.

Sorry if I forgot to mention anyone… it was quite a busy night!

4 Responses to “Tuesday Night London Blogger Meetup”

  1. Tim says:

    I should have got in on the Lacto conversation, since I’m completely lactose-intolerant. We can cover that next time.

  2. Hi Francine, it was nice meeting you too. Just a clarification, I don’t work for Lactofree, I work for Outside Line, the agency that designs & manages their website and handles their relationship with bloggers & the online community.

  3. Francine says:

    Tim, We’ll put it on the agenda ;)

    Chris, sorry about the confusion… I didn’t know the details. Anyway, I made a small change above. I still find it funny that we were standing right next to each other and had no idea we’d just spoken a few days before…

  4. Haha, it’s funny how coincidences like that happen. At a meetup last year I got talking to someone who went on about a Daily Mail headline generator he’d found on a website, and it felt weird saying “yeah, that’s my website”, like I was a celeb or something…

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