The Orphanage: I’m Still a Little Creeped Out

Last weekend, Evan and I saw The Orphanage. I’m not a big fan of scary movies because, well, they scare me a bit too much, and I felt The Orphanage really went a bit above and beyond when it came to creeping me out. Though I think it was in a good way.

The story itself is great — it plays by its own rules, weaves the human and supernatural, and has a plot twist that makes you rethink the whole movie — basically, it has all the elements of a classic and cohesive scary movie. It always leaves you guessing what’s real and what’s imagined and you really feel attached to the main characters. It also has some incredibly eerie imagery.

The boy in the homemade sack mask that looks like it’s melting off his face (not a spoiler, he’s on the poster), is reminiscent of the twin girls in the shining, but scarier — the kind of character you imagine follows you home and could be hiding down any dark hallway or around any corner. At least I feel like he’s stayed with me since I left the theater. Honestly, I just decided against putting an image up here because I just don’t want to look at it. IMDb it if you must.

And I did like that once I got past the initial shocks in the first half of the movie I was able to relax a bit knowing that the scariest bits were most likely over and that it was heading toward a resolution.

So I suppose this is my cautious recommendation — it’s worth watching, but bring someone whose hand you can hold.

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