Monday Modernism: Parc Guell and Casa Batllo

Monday, we did a mini Modernist tour of Barcelona by checking out some of the Gaudi parks and buildings. We started with Parc Guell, an intriguingly odd park full of palm trees, cacti, colorful mosaics, bridges made of ancient-looking rocks and houses that look like they could be made of gingerbread. The park is also on a hill, so it boasts incredible views of the city. We also had the good fortune of going on a beautiful, sunny spring day, when it was warm enough not to need our jackets.

Parc Guell EntranceParc Guell BridgeParc Guell HousesParc Guell View

Casa Batllo was equally bizarre, but totally different. Remodeled by Gaudi in 1906 with themes from the ocean, it feels like a mermaid’s city hideaway, with undulating walls, elaborate tile work and whale-ribcage-shaped arches. The audio guide was actually quite good, too — I listened to the whole thing, and usually I don’t have the patience for those. Sometimes the script was a bit long-winded and the descriptions a little too inconclusive, but in general, it taught me a lot.

Casa Batllo RoofCasa Batllo Roof

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  1. Ronna says:

    I absolutely love that last picture of you. You look like a model. I want a copy, please. Thanks. xoxoxo

  2. Laura says:

    These places look so amazing!

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