Extreme Weather in England

Rainy LondonRainy London

I hate talking about the weather as a rule, but right now, we’re experiencing a pretty dramatic storm. The photos are from our windows, taken at about 12:30 p.m.

Late last night, I woke up to an extremely noisy storm that seemed to be threatening to blow our windows in. There was lots of rain, howling wind and just general noisiness that alternately kept me up and made me have weird dreams.

Then, when I awoke this morning, the sun was out, shining brightly. I figured we were in the clear, but it turned out to be the eye of the storm — it’s back to rain and wind again now. And I just realized that our drafty window has let in some water.

Apparently London isn’t being hit as bad as coastal towns, but it still just makes me want to stay in. For more on the storm, check out the BBC.

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