Taste East at Spitalfields Market

Saturday, we went to check out Spitalfields Market‘s “Taste East” event. Unfortunately, we ate breakfast before we went to the market — I wish we had been hungrier because there were quite a few tempting food stands.The market was a neat, modern space, with shops and restaurants creating its outer walls and a large, covered courtyard to house the stands. There were bands, acrobats, people on stilts dressed up as chefs and cooking demonstrations, making for a lively event. And there were also some artists with work on display. Some were clearly more talented than others, and I almost bought something from one artist. I may check out her work again.

What did we buy? I spent 40 pence on a delicious piece of watermelon licorice, which seemed to actually be a piece of green licorice around a pink taffy center. Whatever it was, I wish I had bought more to take home. I don’t even remember what the vendor’s name was… something to research.

We also got some white tea, which ended up being weaker than expected when we brewed some this morning, and some chocolate truffles (delicious) and spiced drinking chocolate (haven’t tried it yet). I was hoping to buy some cheese, too, but there wasn’t a very large selection.

When the stands started closing up, we went to Canteen to get some tea and biscuits. A much needed rest. And before we left, we made sure to take a picture of the most shocking booth, which was still open — which just had an array of whole animals, including fish, rabbits and pigeons. Question: Who is eating pigeons?

Dead Animals at Spitalfields Market

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