Earthquake in England

Who would’ve thought that after leaving the land of earthquakes, I’d be in one, albeit rather far from the epicenter and not that huge, in London.

Last night, while lying in bed at about 1 a.m., everything started shaking. I asked Evan if he was shaking his leg or something. He was asleep and got very confused when I asked him. It felt like an earthquake, but I wasn’t totally sure, since it wasn’t that bad, and sometimes the apartment shakes, like when we or any of our neighbors is doing laundry. Evan doesn’t remember feeling the quake at all.

Anyway, I found out this morning that it was indeed an earthquake — a magnitude 5.3 in Lincolnshire, which seems to be quite north of London. Apparently there was a small amount of damage, and currently there’s only one person reported as injured.

Read more about it on the BBC, with the best, most British reactions and observations of an earthquake. Seriously, people talk about their grandfather clocks rattling and everything shaking as if on a “jelly mould.”

P.S. sorry I haven’t written much in the past few days — my parents are in town and I’ve been busy playing tourist. Expect lots of posts ad lots of pictures soon.

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