The Chocolate Bar at Harrods

Yesterday, Evan had a day off. He worked all weekend, so it was a much-welcome break. And we decided to go out and enjoy ourselves.

We started by attempting to have lunch at Amaya. They stop taking orders at 2:15. We got there at 2:25. So we walked around Belgravia for a bit and ended up at Harrods. I’d never been in the store before, and if there’s ever a store where you think you could get anything you want, that would be it. It’s like 100 or so smaller stores just mashed into one giant building.

We’d heard good things about the Chocolate Bar, so we stopped in for lunch (they have sandwiches, too). We got sandwiches that came with chips and salad, and we also had an orange hot chocolate, which was quite delicious. And we got strawberries and chocolate for dessert — it ended up being a mini fondue, and it came with marshmallows, too. I left the marshmallows to Evan, since I’ve never been a fan, but the strawberries were good, as was the chocolate. They even brought us spoons to finish off the chocolate if we wanted — boy, do they know their clientele!

Also exciting were their chocolate mixing vats and pipeline, marked “Hot Chocolate,” that runs to their bar. We had visions of chocolate kegstand initiation rites for new employees.

We left with a chocolate chip cookie in tow, which ended up being disappointing — while there were some interesting aspects to our lunch, and I’d recommend popping in for a hot chocolate, I don’t think the Chocolate Bar would be on my recommendation list. I’m going to stick to testing out the amazing boutique chocolate shops around the city.

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