More Reading: New Entreprener Article and Lonodnist Posts

slashingstudentcosts.jpgLots of stories posting this week!

One that I would recommend reading is “Slashing Student Costs” about, an exciting new company with a 26-year-old CEO that rents college textbooks (though you don’t have to be in college to rent and the company does stock some normal books). I originally found Colin, the CEO, when I was doing some research for the article I did on former Google employees who started businesses, though I didn’t write about him then. I was happy to reconnect, though, and we had a long conversation about college, textbooks, entrepreneurship and more. This is one of those companies that has an incredibly simple base idea, makes a lot of sense — the first thing I said when I learned about it was, “I wish this was around when I was in college” — and should go far.

Plus, some new Londonist posts: “Harrow Council Knows When You’re Lying” and “New Chair to Curb Classroom Dangers/Class Clowns.”

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