The London Rambo Premiere

rambo premiere

Last night, Evan and I went to the Rambo premiere in Leicester Square. We dressed up and walked over, not quite knowing what to expect, and were greeted by palm trees, fires, an announcer and a huge red carpet — which we got to walk down! No red carpet entrance and normies entrance here, which was fun. It was quite intimidating having all the paparazzi and gawkers just staring at you. We asked one of the superfans to take a photo, too, but you can’t see the exciting, flame-throwing Rambo display at the end of the carpet.

The movie was, as expected, very bloody. It’s definitely not my favorite of the films Evan has worked on, and I spent a good deal of our movie-watching time clutching his hand and turning away from all the throat-ripping-out, limb-severing horrors on screen.

The afterparty at Rex was much more fun. There was plenty of champagne, mango martinis and hors d’oeuvres, which included mini caesar salads, various skewered meats, veggie sushi, mini burgers (both veggie and meat), asparagus, and fish and chips. There were some self-important people hanging around, but nobody I could recognize as famous except for Sylvester Stallone. Best of all, though, is that I finally got to meet him.

I spent a good portion of the party just sort of staring at Sly — he was so close, though in his own private area. Evan didn’t see him for a while (I thought maybe he was just being shy), but when he finally did, we started trying to find a way to say hello. Fortune was on our side, and Sly was headed across the room and walked right by us, so Evan said hi. I was introduced. Sly told me how smart Evan is and how he was the only person who ever knew what was going on with his movies, and he told me that I was very lucky to be with him (I agree!). He also said the movie should have been more violent (I disagree, but I think I just smiled). We shook hands, and that was about it.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get any photos — it would have been weird to ask. But it was a really neat evening, and it was great to finally meet Sly — and have him say very nice things about Evan.

rambo premiere

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